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By WAllen

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  1. Compared to the V1, the V1x has fewer dimples (thus less lift?) and lower driver spin. Yet it is said to fly higher and with less roll out than the V1. It would appear that the lower spin and less lift would result in a lower trajectory and more roll out. What am I missing here?

    I do play primarily the V1, but like both balls. Since I can't go to a driving range and hit several of each type it's hard to compare, but off the tee the V1x sometimes seems superior, while around the greens they appear about the some. Should I switch and primarily play the V1x?

  2. Both balls play the same off the tee except the ProV1x launches higher and reaches a higher apex with a steeper drop compared to the ProV1. However, The Advantages of my experiences with the ProV1 are softer feel and has more spin from 60 yards and in plus around the green.

    I would not try to analyze it any further...Both balls perform similar you are really just trying to fine tune what it does on the course.

    Hope that helps!
  3. It all comes down to do you want a more piercing ball flight in a prov1 that is softer or a higher ball that feels a bit more solid. You'll get good spin with both balls
  4. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    I'm not a golf ball guru or anything and will only tell you about my experience. I was in the same situation, torn between the V1 and V1x. The only advantage I got out of the V1x is the distance, IMO got a few extra yards off the tee. But around the green and I agree with Chris on this, the V1 performs much better than the V1x. Love the soft feel of the V1 especially when i'm putting with my Scotty, it's like a match made in heave.

    Now I have about 2 dozen V1x.... I'll play them out until they're gone but going forward i'm a V1 man...

    Good luck!
  5. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    The decision about which to play really lies with you. My suggestion, play several rounds with both balls (front 9/back 9 ball change) and see which you score the best with over those rounds, then make your decision.
  6. Chris Hatem

    Chris Hatem

    Cant say less lift.. more effects lift than number of dimples.. dimple volume/arrangement, air density. Both the other Chris' said it right.
  7. I thought that the V1x also had less spin so fades & draws were not as pronounced as with the V1? I switched to V1x because of this as I'm particularly not accurate off the tee but I do notice a difference around the greens.

    If the delta isn't that much then I'll probably go back to the V1 because as others have said there's nothing like it inside of 50 yards.
  8. I tested both the V1 and V1x on the course for several rounds. I played the same ball for entire rounds and alternated balls on the same shots in other rounds - drivers, irons, chips and putts. I really put both balls to the test and decided on the V1x. For me it all came down to feel. The V1x feels firmer to me than the V1, which I prefer. It's not harder, but firmer. The V1x definitely launches higher too, which I also prefer over the "penetrating" flight of the V1. I think both balls played essentially the same around the green and I get plenty of spin out of the V1x. There is such a thing as too much spin. I think the right amount of spin you want from a ball is really more a function of your swing. My swing is a little steep, so the V1x gives me the right amount of spin. If you're a "sweeper" than the V1 might suit you better. I agree with others that the only real way to tell which ball is right for you is to get a sleeve of each one and go out and test them on the course.
  9. Which ball has been tested by Titleist that provides maximum distance with same clubhead speeds, ProV1 or ProV1X?

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