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  1. In the last year I have moved back over to the prov1 and love the ball. Its as smooth as they come and consistent. I missed the old tour balata and remember the days of looking them over after a hole to make sure they were still round. The length and control of the prov1 gives me total confidence that if I make the right swing its going to respond. My previous ball I could hit 30 yard 1 hop stick shots and they would never settle with consistency. Practicing again today, 10 straight within 24". If its all in my head, so be it as long as it just keeps doing it.

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  2. Robert C

    Robert C

    I've always said it was the best ball out there.

    I had it proved last week, when I found myself playing another brands tour ball (don't ask why) for a round. My self and our Assistant Pro hit identical shots into a green from 155 yards out, the pitch marks were within 3 inches of each other. His ProV sat about 8 feet from the flag, my shot released and rolled onto the back fringe.

    One club difference, 8 iron for him vs. 7 for me, but still a noticeable difference in holding the green,.
  3. MMazza

    Lexington, SC

    I love the ProV1. Switched from the Supersoft and never looked back.
  4. brian b

    brian b
    Honeoye Falls, NY

    is there really any other ball out there!!!

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