2017 ProV1x Distance

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By FMarzano

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  1. I was wondering which golf ball goes further. 2017 ProV1 or 2017 ProV1x. I would like to get as much distance as I can off the tee. My driver swing speed is about 104mph and I am still wondering which ball to use. Any suggestions?

  2. Robert

    Corpus Christi, TX

    V1x when i tried though everyone is different. buy a sleeve of each and check them out for yourself and see what fits your game.
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I would recommend that you purchase a sleeve of each of the new balls, V and X and see which meets you need. They both are extremely well performing balls and provide exceptional distance. During the testing period, members of Team Titleist were actually testing sleeves of each and reporting back to Titleist with their results.

    You can click on BALLS above and watch a short video about the new balls for 2017.

  4. CoolBreeze

    Sudbury, MA

    I agree with the sentiment of what others voiced here. Go get a sleeve of each and do your own evaluations and then choose the ball that fits your desired game characteristics. I did the same by indoor testing on a GC2 Launch Monitor which showed great numbers with launch, spin (backspin and sidespin), and more toward your question of distance - ball speed for distance. The numbers were very optimal for both the V and X, but the ball speeds were B-A-N-A-N-A-S! I then took both the V and X outdoors to validate on course. The V launched a touch lower for me, felt very soft off all shots, wasn't as long as the X, but immediate drop-and-stop on the greens. Though windy, the X launched higher and was strong and steady in flight, a more "smashing" feel coming off the clubs, higher but longer, drop-and-stop on mid to low irons, spun like cat scratches on the greens with the vokeys. Test it out and let us Team Titleist knwo how you did!
  5. Gabriel G

    Gabriel G
    Cedar Park, TX

    I can't give you a straight answer. Depends on you. So try a sleeve of each ball and see which one you like by feel and distance and also how it performs on the green.
  6. Ron M

    Ron M
    Tulsa, OK

    I just finished testing two sleeves of unknown - Pro V1 or ProV1X. I am a 15 with a somewhat bad back. Amazingly, the ProV1 brought my launch angle down and I gained yards of roll. The ProV1X's higher launch angle did not suit my game. Both balls were great around the greens. Years ago I would not play the ProV1 due to the yardage with distance clubs. Times have really changed!

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