2017 Golf Goals Accomplished

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By Mitch D

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  1. Mitch D
    Richmond Hill, ON

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    Did you break 80 for the first time? Gain some distance?  Perhaps improve your GIR's or putts per round?

    What goal are you most proud of accomplishing on the golf course this season?

  2. Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    Great topic Mitch...

    Always something I try to do when the season wraps up and the clubs get relegated to the basement for the "pouting" season.

    I certainly got out a lot this year, and my biggest challenge was to work on my short game. With the new SM6 wedges that Chris fitted me for last year, my stats show that I certainly increased my up & down percentage by a huge amount. My putting stats have improved significantly as well, but that is directly reflected in the fact that I am chipping much better when I miss the greens :)

    My biggest weak point in my game is bunker play, so that will definitely become my focus for next year.

    The never ending pursuit of IT !!!!!
  3. Scott D

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    I wanted to lower my index a 5.5. Unfortunately i did not make it did lower my index by 2.0. Maybe down to a 5.5 was a little ambitious. Chipping and short game improved. All in all happy with the improvement.

    One of the geniuses that I play golf with came up with a brilliant suggestion on improving putting stats. He suggested hitting the ball closer to the hole. He is a deep thinker!!!
    Tillsonburg, ON

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    I am most proud of the fact that I lowered my handicap from 11.6 to 8.4. It's a huge improvement and I think I have my 714 AP2's, 915D2, 910h, and Vokey wedges to thank.
  5. Matt W
    Brockville, ON

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    I am just finishing my 6th full season of golf this year and was fortunate enough to play a ton the past three seasons. The one thing I wanted to do bas break 80 at my home course and this summer I accomplished it. My handicap factor has dropped to a 9.4 and I broke 80 twice this summer. Recently I have looked into the 718 AP2 but I am not sure I want to part ways with my 712 AP2. All Titleist in my bag and I feel they played a major factor in my scores as I have felt more confident since the day I bought them.

    915 D, 915 H (2,3,4) 712 AP2 (5-P), Vokey wedges (50, 54, 58)
  6. Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    Hey Pastor - That is a significant reduction. I was impressed when I read that Scott lowered his index by 2 points but then you step in with a drop of 3.2 !!!! That is awesome. You as well Scott !!!

    Now the goal will have to be keeping it under 10 for next year :)
  7. Todd J
    Calgary, Alberta

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    I played more than ever before and my birdie per round average went up.
  8. Shell
    Charlottetown, PE

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    Highlight of the summer is winning my third Club Championship at the Belvedere Golf Club in Charlottetown PEI. That makes one in my 30’s one in my 40’s and now one in my 50’s. Hanging in with the young guys as long as possible! Bonus had my wife caddying! Teamwork!! Pro V1, AP2 irons, Titleist hat, Footjoy shirt!!
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  9. Kris B
    Renfrew, ON

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    Worst golf season since started playing regularly. Paid membership, spring weather was terrible so rarely got our, then unexpectedly moved and couldn’t afford 2nd membership. Played 100 rounds less than usual. However, my 1st round of the calendar year, I spent my entire equipment budget for the year and played Kapalua Plantation Course with rental AP2s and all Titleist clubs except putter.
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    My goal here on the West Coast this year was to get back into the one hobby I love so deeply and am perhaps a little "obsessed" with :) So this year after many many years away from the game I just started at the driving range and going to golf courses as a single, and its been great! My other long time goals have also been:

    1) Get fitted by a pro
    2) Replace 20 y.o. clubs and move into a more challenging club
    3) Change my club composition and carry 3-4 wedges for accuracy
    4) Get fitted properly and buy a new driver
    5) Spoil myself a little with some golf gear and a couple of nice hats as well :)
    6) Break 100 after a long time away, and then break 90, and then lets go for 80!!

    So as I write in October 2017, I have accomplished the following.
    1) Broke a 100 and broke 90!
    2) Tested every golf club possible at several golf town locations, and always ended up with a Titleist golf club in my hands in the end
    3) Got fitted for irons at the Regional fitting center here at Northview Golf and CC, with Kathy Stecyk, of whom was just phenomenal! She has also helped with choosing my wedges as well!
    4) Just ordered Titleist 718 AP2 #5-PW and am anxiously waiting to get them!
    5) Spoiled myself with new FootJoy golf shoes!
    6) Spoiled myself with a Blue Titleist hat!
    7) This week I will be placing an order for 3 SM6 wedges, either a 52-56-62 or a 50-54-60 F,S,and M grinds respectively
    8) Currently trying to research which Titleist bag I will buy
    9) Definitely will be spoiling myself with a Titleist towel or 2 today or tomorrow

    And then my goal in 2018 will be to break 80 with my Titleist 718 AP2 and BV wedges both of which I have always dreamed of and wanted. Carried in my Titleist golf bag (mid staff maybe?) using my Titleist towel to clean them and wearing my Titleist golf hat and Footjoy shoes. I look forward to updating this thread especially after I get fitted for a new 917 D2!

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    MMM i forgot about the DT trusoft for this winter and the Pro V1's for the spring too!
  12. PAZTOR
    Tillsonburg, ON

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    Kris B
    Sorry to hear about the season. Kapalua must have been amazing though.
  13. Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    You will love your new 917 D2. I got mine a few weeks ago and after a bit of time getting used to the new look, I was hitting drive after drive today that left my playing partners commenting that I should move back a set of tees :)
    I hit more fairways on my last few rounds than I had for a long time. I am also driving the ball further by a significant margin so it is a win win !!!!
    I hope yours works just as well for you...
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    I achieved one of my goals by shooting even par twice this summer on the same course. Handicap index actually went up as Golf Canada changed the ratings on the course I play regularly. Last year, I was playing to an index around 7, ended the year 8.0. That being said, with my new Cameron and Crown putter, putts per hole went from 1.68 down to 1.61. Scrambling average went from 39% up to 42%.
  15. Wendy H
    Arthur, ON

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    I had a pretty decent season this year. One goal was to stay in the low 80’s and even push into the 70’s. I managed to do just that and shot as low as 76 on two occasions. Next year I plan on doing it even more. My putter was amazing this year....I love that thing! I finally ‘clicked’ with my wedges too and was very confident with them. I struggled with my driver late season but after a playing lesson with our club pro that changed much for the better.

    I always smile at the looks and comments I see and hear when men realize that a woman is playing all Titleist....it’s even better when I prove that I can use them. It’s very enjoyable having confidence standing over my clubs and ball....a very satisfied Team Titleist player!
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  16. Mitch D
    Richmond Hill, ON

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    Great playing Wendy!! Wonderful to hear that your game is headed in the right direction.

    Like we say all the time, neither the ball or the club know the gender of the person hitting them. All that matters is that the golfer has the right equipment that has been properly fit for their game. We fit men, women, juniors and seniors every day into Titleist equipment as our extensive shaft matrix allows us to offer a variety of options for many golfers.

    Hope that you are able to travel down south for some rounds this winter.

    All the best,
    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada

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