Club fitting review - McClean Center, Fort Worth, TX, with Kyle Cronkright

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By Rick D

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  1. Rick D
    Weston, WI

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    Here in Wisconsin we have very few opportunities for fitting clubs with systems like Trackman. Having scheduled a sales trip to Texas, I made an appointment for a complete full bag fitting with Kyle Cronkright at the Jim McClean Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

    Let me start off by saying that I can't believe more golfers don't pursue being properly fitted for their clubs.I see some of my buddies buy clubs off the rack, then think it's their swing that is the problem, when it's simply a club that just doesn't fit them.

    In the past, I've had Trackman fittings for driver and fairway wood, but never the complete setup. My last two sets of irons had been a fitting off the Titleist cart, hitting off the plexiglas, without benefit of Trackman. This was a real eye opening experience.

    I'm a 2-3 handicap, age 56, have some back problems, am in pretty good shape, but have been experiencing some loss in distance. My goal in this fitting was to see if there were solutions that could help me regain distance, with better shot dispersion in the irons.

    My current setup:

    • png Rapture 9*, Diamana Blue 60 stiff [fitted on png Tour van with Trackman]
    • Tour Edge Exotics, CB4 wood, Fujikura Rombax stiff, cut 43" [fitted at Cool Clubs Scotsdale with Trackman]
    • Titleist 709H hybrid, 19*, Diamana Blue 80 stiff
    • Titleist 709 AP2 4-PW, Project X 5.5
    • Titleist Vokey wedges, 50-08, 54-08, 58-04
    • png Ketsch putter 35"

    The new set-up will be:

    • Titleist 915D3, 9.5*, set A1, Diamana Blue 60 stiff
    • Titleist 915F, 15*, set C1, Aldila Rogue Silver 70 stiff
    • Titleist 915H, 18*, set B1, Aldila Rogue Black 85 stiff
    • Titleist 714 AP2 4-PW, KBS Tour stiff
    • Titleist Vokey Wedges, 50-12, 54-14, 58-11, KBS Tour stiff

    The only club we're not changing is the putter.

    Kyle and I had discussed my issues and goals prior to my visit. He started me out with my irons. Then progressed into the combinations of head and shaft he thought would work. My current irons spin to much, which has been killing distance. I also hit them too high. The KBS Tour shaft gave my ball flight a more boring trajectory, fighting the wind and I gained 7 yards in distance, while still maintaining stopping power on the green.

    My hybrid and fairway woods also have too much spin, especially in windy conditions, resulting in balls that balloon. I was flushing the new clubs and gained distance on those, too.

    My first swing with the 915D3, I couldn't hold my finished, turning around to Kyle and going "Wow!". I'm hitting some bombs with this club. 15-20 yards gained distance. One problem with my png, is that I had a hard time hitting draws, which is my normal ball flight. I'm able to draw, fade and also hit the straight ball with the 915. It's been in my bag now for a few weeks and I'm lovin it.

    Lastly we worked on the wedges. I've been frustrated with my wedge game, but put if off to me being inconsistent. I never figured on a wedge fitting before, just tried demo clubs and put them in my bag. I found out I've been playing too little bounce. The new combination of more bounce and better trajectory with the KBS Tours has me really excited about my new wedge game.

    While working on short pitches and chipping, Kyle noticed I was taking the club back too far inside. It was an easy fix to something I've probably been doing for a long time. Back home, I noticed a big improvement, even with my old clubs. The new wedges arrived yesterday and in a nine hole round last evening, I hit each one once, knocking it stiff each time.

    I see a lot of questions on these forums about that shaft, or this or that, might work best. Guys, make the effort to find a fitter near you and get properly fitted. It will be the best golf experience. If you are ever in the Fort Worth area, look up Kyle and get it done. It will be money well spent.

    Thanks, Kyle, for being a great guy and a consummate professional!

  2. Casey Dan

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    I couldn't agree with you more Ricky D.  I too experienced being fir by Kyle  last week. He is a talented man and the cost of the fitting was worth every penny. I ended up with a new 915 D3, 915 Fairway wood, and new shafts for my AP2's. Once I receive these new clubs my bag will be Titleist from top to bottom. So as you can imagine, I am anxiously keeping my eye out for my new clubs and a Team Titleist bag tag.....Hi Cathi......

    Moral of the story: If you live in DFW, Spend the time and money to get fit by Kyle. 

  3. gabe b
    hockessin, DE

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    Are fittings done off grass or mats?   To me, mats seem to 'correct' many deficiencies of ball striking.

  4. Chuck W
    Cross Roads, TX

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    Fittings done outdoors off of grass @ McLean Golf Center: others I do not know about.

  5. RubenC87
    Brownsville, TX

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    How long was the fitting process and what was the price range for the fitting. I am going to the Ft. Worth area next month and am considering a visit with Kyle. 

  6. Casey Dan

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    RubenC87 said:

    How long was the fitting process and what was the price range for the fitting. I am going to the Ft. Worth area next month and am considering a visit with Kyle. 

    You can find out more about pricing and fitting options here:

  7. Rick D
    Weston, WI

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    Entire process took 3 hours. I was tired and felt it the next day! Too much sedentary behavior over our long winter and the swing muscles haven't been exercised enough. I would much rather be doing a fitting like this mid-season, but we all hit some awful shots, even when in mid-season form. Still, we had plenty of good swings in the mix to get a good fitting.

    I talk to a lot of guys who don't think a fitting is worth it because they feel they're swing changes from day to day. But their swing is basically their own, it's just a problem with consistency. Also, something they are not considering is that they are inconsistent playing clubs that are not fit for them, which has a huge impact. I had several "ah ha" moments during my fitting. 3 hours and some next morning stiffness was well worth it.

  8. RubenC87
    Brownsville, TX

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    good to hear and makes the choice to make a visit that much easier. 

  9. Chris B
    Monroe, LA

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    I really want to do this but my game is not very sharp right now.
  10. Chuck W
    Cross Roads, TX

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    I'll add my recommendation for Kyle as well. I went through a full bag fitting with him last fall and it was a great experience. If you're in the area or will be and are serious enough about your golf game to be reading this there's no excuse not to get a proper fitting.

    Rather than type, here are the results of my fitting:

    I haven't purchased anything new yet, as $3,000 (after adding a new bag + tax) isn't in the petty cash drawer at the moment. Plus I'm curious to what changes the 716 CB will bring so may wait until they're seeded. But now at least I know what fits instead of buying, trying, and repeating... 


  11. Rick D
    Weston, WI

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    An update on my results:

    I'm hitting BOMBS with the new 915D3! It's putting me into some places in the fairways I've never been before on the home course. My league partner says it could change the way I look at a golf course.Especially the ability to hit the high draw on dogleg left holes. Instead of hitting fairway wood I'm drawing it around the corner and long.

    I'm throwing darts with the wedges, too. Full shots are hitting my yardages, which had been a problem before. One bounce and stop. The chipping game needs practice, but it's only May here, weather is spotty and it will take some time to get the feel dialed in. Kyle gave me a tip on my grip and takeaway for chipping and it's helping.

    I found a buyer for my old AP2's and will be ordering the new irons soon! I am so excited to put them into play. Winnings from league, club events and cocktail league cash games are going to fund the purchases of the hybrid and 3 wood, I'll have to wait until later in the summer for them.

  12. Chuck W
    Cross Roads, TX

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    Chuck W said:

    But now at least I know what fits instead of buying, trying, and repeating... 


    Well, so much for that idea! Found a really good deal on some barely hit 714CB but at 1° flat and Project X 5.5 shafts instead of 2° and S300 and couldn't pass them up. I'll probably be selling them in three weeks and ordering new irons to my specs but what can you do? Can't fix stupid I guess...

    I did buy the 915D3 I was fit for (although it was used from the bay) but can't hit it near as good as my 910. I guess I got a dud because I was killing it during the fitting. 

  13. Mark S
    San Jose, CA

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    Rick, I really loved your comments.  While I don't know Kyle and don't live anywhere near Texas, I find one reason more golfers don't get fit is not knowing who will give a good fitting.  While all the advances in launch monitors gives tools to fitters that really helps, fitting is still a skilled position and one that is both art and science.  Thanks for sharing your experience with Kyle and I'd encourage anyone reading who knows a good fitter to share as well.

    Second, I want to build on your comment about iron shaft fitting.  Until recently I had no idea how much difference the shaft in an iron can make.  Getting fit for the right lie angle--sure.  Selecting a head appropriate for your ability and swing speed--sure.  But how much difference can there be in a steel shaft?  Turns out A LOT.  Being about your age, I might have gotten my prior impression from a time when the options on steel shafts were limited.  But today?  The benefits of getting fitted for the right iron head AND shaft through a dynamic fitting on a launch monitor is HUGE.  Smaller dispersion, more consistent distance control, and just easier to flight and shape shots are some of the noticeable benefits.

  14. SGB
    Chelmsford, MA

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    I could not agree more with being fortunate to have 2 fittings at the Manchester Lane facility and each one was more "AHA"'than the previous! I have increased at least 20 more yards with my new 915D2 and custom shaft! That along with my other Titleist clubs/wedges/Scotty Cameron, I love to challenge the greens (sometimes not so smart, but hey).......

    When I hear golfers say that being custome fit is too expensive and not worth the $$, I go into my experiences and hope that they listen. 

    Glad your experience was "AHA" too!

  15. Erik C
    Phoenix, AZ

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    Got any career advice?  I would love to have no reservations about dropping that kind of money on golf clubs, then also having the time to play.  

  16. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Erik C said:

    Got any career advice?  I would love to have no reservations about dropping that kind of money on golf clubs, then also having the time to play.  

    Wouldn't we all. I was troubled about the price of new clubs. Buying all new is still cheaper than a lot of equipment for popular recreations like boating or skiing. Walking a golf course is one of the best ways to stay healthy. I'm a couple of years from retiring, so my investment now is intended to carry me through when I do have the time to play more. If I still had kids in college, I just wouldn't have new sticks very often.
  17. Rick D
    Weston, WI

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    I took up golf relatively late in life. Probably averaged 2 times out per year until in my mid-30's. I played other sports growing up, a three sport athlete in high school that was held out of some HS sports because I had to work to help out my family. Softball and basketball after I was on my own until @ age 35. Raising kids, early on we had no money. Guys at work would ask me to join them for 9 after work and I didn't have the $10 for fees and a beer afterward. We've been married 31 years and have put two kids through college. Now is our time. We've paid our dues. Worked hard. Earned promotions or job offers that improved our position and earning potential. My wife started her own business. We are debt free and have gotten that way by being frugal. Paid our bills on time and didn't spend what we didn't have. Too many young people today expect it all at once. It rarely happens that way for most of us.

  18. RubenC87
    Brownsville, TX

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    I'm just waiting for appointment date. Heading to Ft Worth next week   Can't wait 

  19. Jaggz
    Keller, TX

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    RubenC87 said:

    I'm just waiting for appointment date. Heading to Ft Worth next week   Can't wait 

    It will be SO worth the wait!  I did my fitting with Kyle about six weeks ago - full bag fitting.  The whole process took about 4 1/2 hours! I now have a new D2, 3 & 5 wood, and mix set of AP1 & AP2 irons, a selection of wedges & my baby - Scotty Cameron X5r!  I could not be more pleased!  I'm so glad that i did the fitting, and even more so, I'm so glad that I decided to go full-bag Titleist!  Have a great time at your fitting!


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    I have recommended a fitting to anyone who is thinking of getting new clubs.
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    Great experience, would highly recommend it.

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