True temper Amt black s300 shaft

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By GMccaffer

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  1. GMccaffer

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    Thinking of going for this shaft is irons and wedges, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this shaft? The weight is 95grams-116grams, meaning it's lighter weight in the long irons and heavier in the short irons. Don't know what the advantages and disadvantages are of this and the shaft in general.


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    I used to play 716 AP2 with XP 95 shafts. I just purchased a set of AP3 with AMT Black shafts and they feel just as good and light as the XP95.
  3. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    The progressive weights and flex points work like older "flighted" irons but add more clubhead speed in the lighter long iron shafts. The only advantage would be if you are changing your whole set of irons, not just wedges. You might try finding a golf course with "Titleist Trial Sets" you can test for the day.
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    I have played only Titleist - DCI, CB, AP2, MB, AP2 again - with my eye on AP3. All of my irons from have been Dynamic Gold S300 with D2 swing weight. What is the impetus for AMT Black S300 in this club?

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