Tensei Red graphite vs Recoil 65's?

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By John M

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  1. John M
    Parkton, MD

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    I was "fitted" for new 718 AP1's today at a Golf Galaxy. (Current irons are 710 AP1's with the stock steel reg. flex shafts). The shaft I did best with was the stock Tensei Red graphite in reg. flex, 2 degree upright. Experienced improved contact, height, distance, and dispersion over my old set. Loved the feel! BUT, they didn't have another shaft I wanted to test, the Recoil 65. It's a no charge option but I certainly don't want to order it untried. Anyone have any Info, or a basis for comparison? They had a Titleist fitting cart, but very few options for shafts. Thanks!

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    You could wait 2-3 months when Titleist Thursdays are available. A set of irons is a serious investment, so you can also look at the 1757 Club near Dulles airport. They do outdoor fittings from heated bays year-round. It is a premier fitting location and will have the most common special order shafts in stock - or get them from the concierges. BTW, you'll likely be surprised that the price will be extremely competitive with the GG price. I sent my son to them and it was one of the few times he thanked me for my advice. ;-)
  3. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Love the Tensei Red in my set of 718 T-MB's.
  4. mark t
    makawao, HI

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    Suggest you find a Titleist fitting day with a certified Titleist fitter. You'll be amazed at the different shafts and options you have.

    A Titleist Fitting day has all the shafts, club options, and also grip/ball. I am truly sold on this and will never buy another club without getting fitted.

    Your fellow Team Titleist members will attest to that. Hook up with some of the guys/gals in your area and you'll be sold too. Hope the weather get better there soon. Good Luck
  5. Paul C
    Beech Mountain, NC

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    I have a set of 718AP1 with Tensei red and have hit some with the Recoil 65. The Recoil may launch slightly higher for me, but, overall distance and accuracy was very similar. I do prefer the feel of the Recoil as it feels a little smoother and easier to load. It would probably be a good idea to wait until you can try both shafts side by side.
  6. John M
    Parkton, MD

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    Thanks for the feedback. The GG store has agreed to get the Recoil 65 and the Kuro Kage 65 and 85 from Titleist so I can compare. Another concern is getting the swing weight "right" using a much lighter shaft. I believe we can specify that when new clubs are ordered. Thanks again!
  7. John H
    Ottawa, IL

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    I am currently using a UST Mamiya Recoil 95 R Flex in my miz irons. Was fitted for them by a certified pro. I got these vs. the 716 but really love Titleist. Looking to get the AP3's and am looking to find a short list of shafts that I can try with these. Any suggestions?
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    Hi John, The Recoil 95 R flex are available as a graphite shaft in all our irons including the AP3's. If your fitter does not have that in his/her matrix, please have him contact us and we can send it for your fitting.
  9. John M
    Parkton, MD

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    Lesson learned! The GG store was unable to procure any of the shafts I wanted to try, so I received a refund for my "fitting". I will take the consensus advice from my Team Titleist friends and seek out a "real" Titleist fitting in the coming weeks. I want to do this right, rather than fast. In the meantime, I am, ironically, hitting my 710 AP1's better than ever!
    Best regards,
    John M

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