917D3 stiff or xstiff?

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    Im going to pull the trigger on a used 917D3. I was fitted at my local club for an 8.5 loft with the Fujikara Speeder TS74. I hit both the stiff and xstiff pretty well, numbers were similar. My swing speed is 105. My fitter said I could go either way. Any pros/cons of going stiffer with the xflex or staying more flexible with the stiff?

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    You can find both used? Between being a D3 and not a common shaft, I wouldn't expect many to come up. Where you fitted outdoors? Did you have "a good day" for your fitting? I'd expect that an off day would have wider dispersion with the stiff or more of a fade with the X. Which one would hurt you more on course?

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