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By Blake B

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  1. Blake B
    Panama City Beach

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    Any XXL golf glove wearers out there swinging mid-size grips? I feel I keep rolling my wrists, and getting a little handsy. Just wondering if the swap to mid-size grips paid dividends? Thanks.

  2. Keith M
    Acworth, GA

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    While I don't wear an XXL glove, I do wear a large and use midsize grips. My former instructor was the one to recommend them because before I had a couple of wraps underneath my grips to compensate.

    Specifically, I use Winn Dri-Tac midsize grips. I love them, although they do wear out quickly. I noticed that my ball flight changed from more of a draw/pull to straight to fade when I'm hitting the ball solidly.

    If you're thinking about making the switch, get a midsize grip that you like and put it on an old wedge or utility club and try it out. Then if you like them, regrip the rest of your clubs.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your grip choice.
  3. Blake B
    Panama City Beach

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    Thanks Keith. I will do just that.
  4. Scott D

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    Hi Blake. I just started wearing a XXL glove. Previous I went naked on the hands and have used mid sized grips for a number of years. I find that I have better control of the club than when I have hit a friends club that has the normal sized grip. I find that with the mid size grip I get a nice 5 yard draw. The regular grips that 5 yard draw becomes a big hook.

    Hope this helps
  5. ScottyC50
    Painesville, Ohio, USA

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    I use Golf Pride Jumbo grips. Love them...they really quiet the hands/wrists in the swing. Some people say it feel like they are swinging a baseball bat, but when I hold a "normal" club now, it feels like a toothpick. I will never go back to regular! Hope it works for you!
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    I wear a size Large glove and have been playing Golf Pride Tour Wrap Midsize for at least a decade. A lot of guys in my men’s club have switched to mids after hitting my clubs at the range.
  7. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    GolfPride makes some awesome grips in midsize and jumbo and they last longer than most grips on the market. I would recommend giving them a try based on having used them for many years. For great performance use the best.
  8. Blake B
    Panama City Beach

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    Thanks for all of the input. I Went with the Lamkin R.E.L ACE midsize on my D-GW, and Oversize on my Vokey's. Just got back from the range (bitter 50 degrees this morning in FL), and the difference is unbelievable. First ball I hit I could tell a noticeable difference. I honestly think this could help me shave 2-3 strokes off of my handicap (based on few long iron mis-hits from previous rounds). Also, I know theyre brand new, but I fell in love with these Lamkin grips from the moment I put them in my hands. They are super tacky yet still have the roughness I look for in a grip.

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