Graphite Shafts.

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By MSilla

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    I am 46 and suffering from c5 c6 issues in my neck leading to a sore or locked up shoulder. This limits my turn as I fatigue through a round. I have been thinking about going to graphite shafts to help with soreness and fatigue.

    I am looking at the 918 AP1s. When Instart hitting my swing speed says I am a steel shaft player. However as I fatigue with my physical issues it is evident that the graphite may make sense.

    Do you think the move to graphite would make sense?

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Certainly an option. Over the years the performance lines have definitely come together between graphite and steel. Years ago all steel were heavy and all graphite were whippy. Now days you can have ultra light steel or stiff graphite and get almost the same playing characteristics. I have been playing graphite for a few years now and currently have the Tensei Pro Red AMC in my 718 T-MB's. I dont know how much benefit you will feel in your neck and shoulders. I definitely feel better in my arthritic hands and wrists than i did playing steel. I kept steel in my Vokeys as i just don't hit them as hard and i get a bit better feedback from chips and pitches. I have 13 years on you so i hope you find a way to get rid of your pain and keep playing this great game.
  3. Paul C
    Beech Mountain, NC

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    If atigue is the only issue, not pain from nerve impingement, a lighter shaft in graphite may well provide benefit. I battle spine issues from disk damage in Thoracic and lumbar spine with occasional nerve pain. I have two sets of clubs right now. 718AP1 with Tensei Red graphite and C16 with Nippon Modus 3 105 steel. In most instances I can use the steel. Occasionally when both areas of my spine are agitated I can usually get through a round using the lighter 718AP1 with graphite. Hope this helps.
  4. Gary D
    Cranston, RI

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    I switched to graphite and after two years switched back to steel. I found the higher torque of the graphite shafts caused inconsistency in ball flight. I went to a light weight steel that gave me the benefits of graphite and consistency of steel. Nippon makes an 85 gram steel shaft that works pretty well.
  5. Ralph C
    Portland, ME

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    I deal with some issues myself, and I find the combination of a softer-feel ball (ProV-1, NXT Tour S, DT Truesoft) and graphite shafts, do wonders towards keeping me on the course comfortably. I find the reduction in shock, I suppose that's the best way to say it, is the most beneficial. I've also "chilled out" on my swing speed, I generally drive at about 60% which goes better than expected, with improved accuracy, which I think helps, too.
    Like Dale and Paul, I know what a challenge this can be. My advice, for what it's worth, would be to do whatever you need to do to enjoy the game in a comfortable fashion. That's what it's all about.
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    I’ve been in all graphite for 20 years to reduce shock - sensitive elbows and wrists from 40+ years of tennis. The shafts make a huge difference. I also play forged clubs (softer than cast) and a soft ball.
  7. Richard F
    Hutchinson, KS

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    Have screws and rods, plus fusion in L3,4,5. Have torn both rotator cuffs massively, so did switch to grafite shafts when I bought my new 716 AP1. Great decision, not as long as I once was but do not have much fatigue.
  8. Richard F
    Hutchinson, KS

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    Oh forgot to tell you I am 70 years old.

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