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By Corey

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  1. Corey

    Bowmansville, PA

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    I'm interested in making an appointment for a club fitting that's scheduled to be close to where I live at the end of this week. I have some questions. Is there a fee and or are you expected to purchase clubs after the fitting? Is there proper etiquette or unwritten rules that are expected? What to expect in general for the fitting and any other information that might be of help? Thank you in advance

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Corey, If it's an event listed here like a Titleist Thursday, there is no fee. Some facilities do have fitting services where the charge a fee so check with the location where you are going. I know when The Grand here in San Diego hosts Titleist for fittings, there is no fee but the pro will contact you and offer a slight discount if you order clubs from him after your fitting. Etiquette/rules... don't show up in suit & tie or cut offs and a tank top. Relax, tell the fitter what you are looking for in performance, desired outcome. The more they know, the better they can help. Enjoy! It's a great experience.
  3. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    All of this varies by the fitter. What you can expect is there is a fitting fee (except for Titleist Thursdays run by Titleist reps and a local pro). Now, based on the site, the fee may be reduced or eliminated by a purchase. ...Or not at all. It pays to ask up front. The price per club can vary from large retailers to pro shops. If you have a regular pro shop you do business with, then it may be less expensive than a retailer.
  4. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Titleist Thursday fittings are free and no you are not required to purchase clubs after a TT fitting. Normally TT fittings last about 45 minutes are intense. Once they start up again, which I believe will be in February, you can choose on line which clubs you want to be fitted for.

    Private fitters may charge you and you need to check with them to see what their requirement are.

  5. Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

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    There may be a charge (without knowing more about the event it's difficult to give a definite answer). I suppose there is an expectation that you will purchase new clubs, but by no means are you obligated to make a purchase (usually if you do purchase then any fee for the fitting is waved). Bring your clubs because you'll start with them first and then you'll move on to hitting shots with the new one and the fitter will try several shafts until he finds the head/shaft combo that gives you the best results. The fitter is there to help you, so if you have questions - ask them, if you have concerns - let the fitter know. The first time going through the process is always a little intimidating, but after a couple swings just relax and enjoy the process. Good luck with your fitting.
  6. Joel L
    Milton, GA

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    If you are referring to a Titleist fitting event, they are normally free but only last 30 minutes. That is only enough time for one group of clubs. A full fitting can take anywhere from 2-3 hours to complete the entire bag. Most club fittings have a fee similar to taking a lesson. Some professionals will apply the fee to clubs if you purchase from them. I have never seen anyone require you to buy the clubs from the fitter.

    If you have never done a fitting before, come prepared to maximize your time. Warm up before the fitting if possible. Hitting balls for several hours can be a workout so pace yourself. Sometimes breaking up fittings into different sessions is best, if time allows. Bring your clubs, the first step will be to see where you are currently before making any changes. The fitter will ask you some questions about your game to get a sense of what you are looking to improve.

    I try not to think too much about the technical aspects of a fitting. I just try to make good swings and let the fitter do his job. At the end, I ask a few questions and the fitter tells me why he selected the options. They usually give you 2-3 options based on performance and pricing to choose from. I will sometimes go thru more than one fitting before making a choice to purchase. Never be pressured in to making a purchase you are not sure about.

    Just relax and have fun with it and guaranteed you will learn something about your game. There are many good fitters out there.
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    i had my first fitting experience in December and it was awesome. We did two sessions, one week a part, about 45-60 minutes each, using the Trackman. The first session was focused on long irons, the second on short irons, and checked the gaps with wedges and hybrid to ensure they were manageable.

    Once the clubs came in, the fitter had me come in and swing again with the Trackman to get distances on all clubs, and even gave me what turned into a 20-minute lesson when he noticed my attack angle was too steep.

    No fee, no pressure to buy the clubs, and a lesson thrown in there once they came in. Now, of course I bought the new set of irons when it was obvious that these would be a game changer.

    For you in Western Washington, this was at Puetz Golf. I'll be going back when it's time to get new sticks at the top and bottom of the bag.

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