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By Robert H

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  1. Robert H

    Robert H
    Seattle, WA

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    last spring, I got my new AP2's. I'm a 1 handicap, so take this with a grain of salt, no everyone can and or should, but I thought I'd throw this out there. Mine are 1/2" over standard with standard lofts and lies. I have the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X-100 shafts in them. I have always played MB irons my whole life, so as I am older know (55) I thought I'd switch to a more forgiving club. Out of the box, these are absolutely awesome! (Should have done this years ago.... Old school I guess) Through the summer, I noticed my launch angle had changed to a much higher angle and too much spin for my taste. A much lower CG then my MB's. So I had a buddy of mine that works at a golf shop, bring out the club bending machine and we went too work!! For the most part, I have now bent the irons about 2 degrees strong on most. What we did, was match my desired launch angle and spin to the desired distance and trajectory I was looking for. Way way better!! I know everyone can't do this, but when possible, I really think it would be a benefit to folks to get their new Titleist Clubs properly fitted. Just a thought. Rob

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    I think all of us TT's here are advocates of formal fittings, even better to do before you buy so you don't have to bend your set after the fact.
  3. Rick D
    Weston, WI

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    Some similarities with us, Robert. Handicap wise and I also play the AP2's. At a fitting a few years ago I was also hitting a Mizzy blade and just striping it. The pro thought I should consider them, but I argued for some forgiveness. My current set of 714 AP2's get the ball airborne better than the older DCI's and original AP2's. I needed that help. But in the shorter irons I'm almost getting too much launch. The fitter put me into shafts intended to keep the spin rate down. I don't spin balls back off the green much, the shafts give me one bounce, spin and stop. I'm able to fly it at the flag, for the distance required. Not being able to afford a new set of irons, and at 59 leaking a little distance, I sent my clubs into Titleist to have them bent 2* strong. Not to knock down launch, but to get me a few yards. That will close the gap some between 4 iron and hybrid. I hit a lot of knock down shots with the short clubs, so taking a little off a PW instead of going hard after a 50* is fine with me. Since the first fitting I had, I've been an ardent proponent of fitting. Why people buy straight off the rack is beyond me, unless it's simple lack of knowledge.
  4. Robert H
    Seattle, WA

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    Rick, same here. It's wasn't to give me distance, it was to shave off a little of the spin. At 6'4" and with my swing arch, creating spin has never been the issue, quite opposite like yourself... Too much of it. That ranging in a pin at lets say 150 which is a stock 9 for me (all things being equal, no wind, flat, lets say a 75* day). The problem is, I had to hit it 10' past and to the right just to get pin high. Now that doesn't work so well on a front right location. So, by taking spin off, and changing the incoming ball flight, I am more like you, able to land it a few yards short, hop and sit. That has really improved my distance control ten folds.
  5. Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

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    It's easier to buy knowing what I need then it is fixing what I bought. I always tell people to be fitted before buying any club.......I am sure I can't do it the other way
  6. Jay W

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    when you strengthen the lofts on your AP-2 you correspondingly changed to bounce.....have you noticed this change?
  7. Robert H
    Seattle, WA

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    Jay W. Not really. The AP2's have more of a radius bounce then the MB's. I have not noticed any change in the bounce performance sense adjusting them. The leading edge of the MB's is much more of a sharper cut. Now... I can not say, that the result won't be different for someone else. I have a shallow attack angle and the performance is there for me. Someone with a steeper attack angle might see an issue with the bounce performance. My divots are as normal and I have no gouging going on. I'm not advocating that a 15 or 18 handicapper should go to the extremes that I have by any means. I'm a 1 hdcp and thought that the lower handicapper who likes to micro adjust the tools like I do, might check into it. :-) For me, I have really dialed these new clubs in now.

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