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By Nicholas H

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  1. Nicholas H

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    Could someone please tell me the bounce of the 716 MB 8 & 9 iron? I'm currently 1 degree strong but would like to go 2 strong to help gapping with my T-MB 4-7.


  2. Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

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    Titleist no longer publish the bounce of their clubs and they state the following reason:

    We made the decision not to include the bounce angle because the modern sole design is so much more than just the bounce angle. Given that sole width, camber, grind, bounce as well as CG will all have an impact on how your irons move through the turf.it was no longer as relevant to list just the bounce. However, the bounce of the 716 irons is the same as the 714 irons. Here is a link to a discussion on the bounces that we had several months ago. www.titleist.com/.../30430.aspx

    I don't think in making your decision you don't need to be concerned with bounce- there should be enough bounce on your 8 and 9 MB irons that going going another degree strong and thus reducing bounce by 1 degree shouldn't effect the performance of these clubs.

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