Steel Shafts for AP3 Irons

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By Shankmiester

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  1. Shankmiester
    St. George, UT

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    I am now 73 1/2 years old. Playing mostly Titleist woods, and hybrids, and Vokey wedges. I bought some Taylor Made Burner 2.0 Irons in 2010 and was fitted with their version of Stiff Shafts.

    Now I find my distance has dropped noticeable. I have hit a few AP3 irons on the machine at the golf shop. It seems my carry and over all distance has dropped. Based on the info asked on your web site, they recommended the XP 115 R300. I understand Titleist has a Demo day or two scheduled something in February, here in St. George. Can the Associate conducting the Demo Day for Titleist confirm what shaft is right of me now??

    Do I sign up from You or do I have to just show up and get in line. Do you have any information regarding times and places.

    I use to expect 155 yards out of my 7 Iron but recently (last 6 months or more( I seem to get about 145 years and the feel is not there. No longer get a crisp sound or feel.

    Mark C. Potter

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Demo days are hit and miss on the time spent. No sign up needed so low attendance will give you more time. The better option would be a Titleist Thursday to try multiple shafts to get the best fit with a dedicated time slot. The XP 115 would be a good start. We’re not getting younger, so a fitter can look to what would work today and 4-5 years from now.
  3. Shankmiester
    St. George, UT

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    Thanks a million for your reply on my question. What exactly is a Titleist Thursday?? My plan was to see if the rep for titles running the demo day could let me hit the XP115 shaft and based on his findings go see the Fitter at the Golf Shop and compare the two findings. I just do not want to spend that much money and get a improper fit on the shaft. I personally think the Shaft is everything to a club.
  4. Shankmiester
    St. George, UT

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    I made an appointment for Friday at Southgate Golf course. Demo Day should give me the answers to my questions. I appreciate Titleist having such events.

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