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By Andy

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    With the adjustable adapter, the sleeve has the 1234 and the ring has the ABCD.

    With a precision micrometer I measured the "peaks" and "valleys" on the sleeve, for each of the four numbers, to the end of the adapter where it meets the ferrule. To the nearest hundredth of a millimeter, all four readings are the same for 1234.

    On the ring, I measured "peak-to-valley" for each letter as well as the spaces in between. To the nearest hundredth of a millimeter, all eight readings are the same for ABCD.

    I also measured the depth of the four "notches" on the hosel, with all readings the same.

    If these measurements are the same, how is the lie and loft of the head changed with different adapter settings? Because if my measurements are correct, the head position relative to the shaft is the same in all sixteen setting combinations.

    The only thing I can think of if there is dimensional variations, out to the thousandth of a millimeter, which requires a digital micrometer to read that degree of accuracy. Even so, will 0.001mm affect the head position? One bad swing or over-flexing the shaft will mask that dimensional variation.

  2. david s
    South Wales

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    good question! you must have a lot of time on your hands though!!

    I'll be interested to learn the expert's reply to this
  3. Eric C

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    First off, take the shaft out of the head and roll it on a flat surface with the adapter hanging over the edge and you will see the "male" part will travel in a small circle and not be centered. Second, the head, sleeve, and adapter all have peaks and valleys. Are they all on the same plane to the others or even to themselves ? Have fun !
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    David - not so much having too much time on my hands, but as an engineer I like to know how things work. That is not a guarantee to a perfect golf swing by any means, but it helps me understand the hosel design.

    Eric - thank you for your suggestion … sure enough the male end of the adapter “wobbles” as the shaft is rolled across the table.
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    Hi , Eric is right. The shaft and sleeve are bonded and the bore is put in at an angle, so you can visually roll the shaft (without the head) and see the sleeve rotate at an angle. You can also put your club in C1 and then A3 and you will see a significant difference in the loft and lie of the head.  This check should be done with the head on and sitting on the ground in address position.
    If by chance you obtained a counterfeit sleeve assembly, it is possible that all 16 positions are identical.

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