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  1. barnwell d

    barnwell d
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    I have been fit several times over the past 15 yrs or so. I am always fit to 2* upright in my irons. Last year I was fit again for new sticks. Everything was the same but for the first time I was fit for an adjustable driver. We found a loft and a shaft that works best. Running out of time we never discussed lie in my driver and 3 wood. Should I assume that I am 2* upright in my woods?

  2. Corey T

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    Not really depends on your swing (and other variables). I, for instance, play my driver at standard length and .75 upright whereas my irons are 1 inch longer which is effectively 2degrees upright. I would suggest simply getting on the range and playing with the different settings until you find your desired flight.
  3. Jonathan K
    Advance, NC

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    My opinion is that you should stick with what you were fitted. Lie angle is really all about ball flight. I believe you've been fitted for upright irons because you tend to hit the ball right (right handed golfer) with standard lie clubs. I was fit for 1 degree upright in my 714 AP2s and started hitting the ball left. Late last year I got fitted for AP3 irons, standard lie and my ball flight is excellent and straight. I'm also a believer that you should have loft and lies checked at least once per year but this mostly depends on how often you play. Forged irons are much softer and are more likely to change through normal play.
  4. Nick D
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    2* upright from what though? You have to make sure you know the lie angle of the 3w you want and go from there. There is no standard for 3w lie angles so just going 2 up may not be right. The 2016 M2 3w was more upright, cally tends to be flatter.... you probably need to know the correct length and exact lie angle you need in the 3w to be sure you can get it done in the one you want... if that all makes sense.

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