Lie angle affecting performance

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By Joel L

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  1. Joel L
    Milton, GA

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    I played 716 AP2s setup to 1 degree flat for the last year. This week I did a fitting where we reviewed all club setups. My 5,6,7 irons showed that I was hitting them slightly in the heel of the club losing some performance. The 8-PW showed near center contact. The fitter recommended going to 2 degrees flat on the 5,6,7 irons and we saw an immediate 7-10 yards improvement due to center contact.

    Has anyone else seen this type of improvement with mixed setups? Looking forward to a good start to the year when the weather breaks.

  2. Nick D
    Long Beach

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    Haven't done this personally but I believe this is what is done in a REAL fitting... club by club to maximize performance.

    I just bought some 716 CB heads and was told they were all standard, but I could tell something wasn't right so I had them checked and they were all flat by a degree or two at least... had them bent to standard and the performance was noticeable... not distance really but the ball flight was straighter and easy to control. I think the correct angles make a big difference. Would love to get a REAL fitting one day though!
  3. martin n
    jackson, MI

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    I've had a very basic fitting maybe two years ago. I am going to get fit by a titleist professional as soon I can weather permitting.
  4. Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

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    For ME, I've always had matching lie angles of 1/2 degree upright, standard length. It's not uncommon for golfers to swing the longer clubs a little harder, which could put the hands in a flatter position at impact. The lie board tells the truth, the question is your ability to put the club head consistently on the same plane. Good luck!
  5. Matt B
    Columbus, OH

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    I believe they call that a dynamic fitting, had that done myself quite a few years ago. The lie angles vary by manufacturers. I prefer 63* wedge (1* flat), then remaining clubs bent 1/2* from that, on Titleist irons some will bend 1.5* flat

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