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By Mark W

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    I am the exited owner of 2 new 818 hybrids both H1,s. a 19 deg and a 23 deg both are fitted with fujikura atmos shafts the 19 deg a blue 8s the 23 a red 7s tipped 1/2 Both clubs are gripped with iomic evolution grips with 2 papers. What swing weight is each club playing at and what changes to the weights would I need to make the swing weight of both clubs equal

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    If Titleist built them, they try to get them to D2-D3. The swing weight can be specified in the order. If you do, they will confirm if they can't meet that swing weight.
  3. Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

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    The head weight differences between these heads will result in a build at the same swing weight within their spec tolerances - it appears the only factor for swing weight difference for your order would the weight of the Iomic grip versus the standard Golf Pride grip- for every +/- 5 gram in grip weight swing weight will be -/+ one swing point. If a swing weight differences results from the build Titleist will not make offsetting adjustments as they do not know if there was a specific reason you chose to use that particular grip. Thus, as per Don, best to specify a swing weight at the time of order so you can be advised if it can't be met.

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