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By Jack L

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  1. Jack L

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    I went to a driver fitting the recommendation is a 12 degree loft draw setting with a Project x 6.0 65g evenflow shaft.

    I'm currently hitting a 917 d2 with d3 setting 9.5 degree with rogue max 65-x shaft. the results is 4-5 yard fade.

    any recommendations

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    I don't think anyone here would argue with a fitting, especially if done by a qualified Titleist provider. Most show you the TrackMan data during the fitting so the numbers should support the change. Only variables would be firmness of fairways (roll out) or desire for the fade versus a draw.
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    I believe the results of the fitting ARE the recommendation...

    Were your numbers NOT better than your current setup? Was your dispersion NOT tighter? Do you just NOT want to hit a 12* driver? If you're looking for other people's opinion, results numbers might help on that end, but the fitter's recommendation would be better than what you're gonna get from the information provided above.
  4. Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

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    First, you need to have confidence in the club fitter. Second, fitters often use PGA Tour averages in terms of launch/spin, etc. 20 years ago, it was all about ball flight, now it's all about launch angle, spin, side spin. Equipment has gotten us away from fixing swings, and moved to adjusting drivers to compensate for flaws. In the end, nobody says you NEED to change clubs. 4-5 yard fade on your current driver sounds great to me!.....
  5. Craig P
    Shawano, WI

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    I just had a fitting at Stoneybrook Golf and Country Club in Sarasota FL. with Matt Boylan. What a terrific analyst and gentleman. This was my first experience with the trackman, most of my other fittings were by sight. Matt said that since I had a natural inside to out swing (didn't know that) that I stay away from the left side if the grid. I had my 915D2 12* driver with a 50g senior shaft set as C-3. He set it at D-4 and moved my ball position forward and higher WOW! higher launch, less spin = more distance. Now I am saving up for a new 917D2!

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