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By boone t

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    I'm planning to purchases titleist Ap3 irons my swing speed is 89-90 What is your recommendation? Steel stiff , regular stiff? Thank you For your time.

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    If you are going to spend the money on new AP3's, do it right, set up a fitting and get the shaft that the TrackMan numbers show works best for you. Anything else is just a guessing game.
  3. Luke R
    Hamden, CT

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    Hi Boone t, my recommendation would be to see a certified fitter if you could. It is a big purchase and you what to have the right shaft, length, lie, swing weight, etc...
  4. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    If shaft selection was as simple as life.... There's probably 30 shafts to pick from in steel alone. Not counting 2-4 flexes for each one. Just in the AMT line, there are the red, white, and black to pick, then flex. 4-P is 7 clubs that will north of a grand. Just in the AMT line, there are at least 8 options. If one is right for you, you have an 87% chance of guessing the wrong shaft and flex. What worked for me is just my opinion. Assuming the AP3 head is optimal for your game. Add in choosing AP1 or AP3, now your odds are 95% it won't be your best choice. Find a fitter or a Titleist Thursday.
  5. Sam R
    Swindon, Wiltshire

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    Which club is that swing speed based on? There can be a massive different from one club to the next!

    Like most have suggested, get fit is the ultimate answer. Try shafts with different, flex, torque and kick points etc until you find the flight/distance/dispersion/feel you want.
  6. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Short answer go see a fitter.....they are the experts. With respect.
  7. Lou G
    San Diego, CA

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    Get fit.

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