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By P_Lamps

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  1. P_Lamps
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    I recently got fitted for a set of irons. I was between the 718 AP2 and 718 CB and am leaning towards the AP2 (mainly because forgiveness, but both felt great). That said, the fitter recommended strengthening the lofts 1* across the whole set. The main reason was to bring down the height/launch (which was coming out about 10 feet higher than PGA tour 6 iron averages on trackman).

    The shaft I was using was already a low launching shaft KBS C-Taper S (I always played DG S300). I was wondering, would I have been better served increasing the stiffness of the shaft to lower the launch? Anything else to consider?

    Final 6 iron trackman numbers (SS - 91; spin 6300; launch 21*; height 129 ft)

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    I'd go with the fitters recommendation. Plus it sounds like you found a shaft that fits you well so it's much easier to just strengthen the loft 1* then change the shaft flex.
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    I get very similar numbers to you. I was fitted to the s300 at TPI. We tried stiffer but I had issues feeling the club head and wasn’t consistent. If you can’t go back and try more stiff, then stick with what was suggested in my opinion.

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