Vokey Wedge Upright fitting ?

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By SWesson

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    My son was recently fitted for a set of AP1 irons. The fitting came back as he needs 2 degrees upright and 1/2 inch longer shafts. The irons have been purchased and are going great!

    He would now like to purchase some SM7 wedges to go along with his irons and I am wondering whether he would require the same 2 degree upright set-up as his irons... or would wedges be set not so upright or shafts not quite as long etc.. ?

    Gapping when you have such a strong AP1 pitching wedge is not ideal... but he is looking to purchase a 50 and 56 degree SM7.

    Any advice / views greatly appreciated

  2. Chris92009
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    I am 6'-6" tall and have similar specs to your son...I have my wedges exactly the same as my irons. That is for me, if you want to be certain get fit obviously. AP1 irons have stronger lofts so you have more gapping to do than normal. For instance your PW is 43 so you should probably just purchase the Gap wedge which is 48 for the set called the W wedge. Then I would do vokey wedges appropriately from there. For myself, I would consider 54 and 60...however it just depends on his game and what "fits".

    Good Luck!
  3. Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

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    The additional 1/2 inch increases the playing lie 1 degree- I have seen recommendations to have the wedges in a slightly flatter lie so leaving at standard length and/or standard lie is something to look into. If you have the 48 degree wedge with the set and not the 53 perhaps a 52 degree SM7 wedge (adjust to 53 if desired) and a 56 degree SM7 would be a better fit. A wedge fitting would be be highly recommended to get the best fit with the existing set

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