Just had a great fitting!

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By Jay S

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  1. Jay S
    Chicago, IL

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    Went into my local PGATour Superstore to browse today and get ready for the season. Luckily there was a Titlest rep doing fittings today. Tried out the 917 (had my eye on it for a while). Ended up getting fitted into a 917 D3 that gave me 20-25 yards more carry and 2000 rpm less spin from my current 915 D2. Anybody on the fence about fitting should just do it. 30 swings in 30 min is accurate and worth it. Thanks Titleist!

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  3. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Totally agree Jay. So many variables in today's equipment makes trial and error and expensive option. Indoor or outdoor fittings are a must.

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