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By Mark W

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    I would like to get fit but I am 6'6 and need about +1 3/4 inches over standard length. Where could I get this done? I also like graphite because that makes the club lighter and easier on my back and elbow as I have had 3 back surgeries. I am 61 years old and my 7 iron swing speed is 79 to 80. My driver swing speed is 93-95. Would I need a stiff flex? Thanks for any help. Mark Wendel

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    First, and foremost, go get fitted at your nearest Titleist fitting center - probably one located at a nearby country club/municipal course. Second, all else that follows is derived from incomplete data.

    Your height certainly means you'll need longer shafts or some other adjustment to fine-tune your clubs to your particular swing. That's the reason for the guidance to go to a fitting center. The fitter will be able to determine what you need as far as shaft length, shaft type and stiffness. While a brick and mortar retailer may have a good fitter, like Golf Galaxy, only a true Titleist fitting center/retailer will be familiar with all the options Titleist offers. Rest assured, the pro/fitter will be the best choice as he will want to do two things: ensure your clubs are fitted to you and your unique swing and he will want to ensure you are satisfied with your Titleist clubs to preserve their good reputation.

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