DG AMT X100 Shafts

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By Darin L

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    I currently hit 712 AP2’s with DG X100 shafts. I generally hit the ball pretty high so I went in to a fitter to see if a change of equipment could lower my ball flight. After doing a fitting I was I was recommended a combo set of 718 CB’s and MB’s with DG AMT X100 shafts. My question comes with the DG AMT shafts. Since I was only fit using a 7 iron and haven’t been able to hit the longer irons. With the AMT shafts they get lighter in the long irons which should increase club head speed and create a higher launch. I already generate a lot of club head speed, around 100 mph with a 7 iron, so I don’t need more speed and I’m worried my long irons will launch too high. Does anyone have experience with the DG AMT shafts that could give me some advice on this?

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