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By jonathan s

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  1. jonathan s
    Indianapolis, IN

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    Coming out of winter I have started swinging my clubs and after some off-season equipment changes I have had some fitting issues. In particular I have added a 917 3 wood (Mitsubishi Tensei 70 S-flex 42.5in w/ 16g neutral weight) and changed my shaft in my 917 driver (Mitsubishi Diamana BF 60 S-flex 44.75in w/ 14g neutral weight). This set up made sense to me as the shafts are approximately 10 grams different in weight and the head weights are each 2 grams heavier than standard to account for the shafts playing 1/4 - 1/2 inch short. Also I prefer these clubs to play a little heavier as my irons and wedges are 1/2 inch long and therefore play a little heavier (approx 3 points) also. After some practice sessions I realized that the sensation when swinging these clubs was very different and felt there was substantial inconsistency between those clubs and even the rest of my set. Finally, I made it over to put the clubs on a swing weight machine and my sensations were exactly correct. Wedges playing at D8/9, Irons playing at D6, 3 wood playing at D3 and Driver playing at E0. I've since changed the weights to bring both the 3 wood and driver back to a more neutral swing D5/6 weight and consistent sensation when swinging the clubs. I'm concerned though because I now have an 18 gram weight in my 3 wood and only an 8 gram weight in the driver head. These weights are on the very extremes and entirely different from each other. I've never had to make such drastic changes to my clubs. Is this the correct approach? Does my logic make sense with the swing weight of my 3 wood and driver relative to the rest of my clubs? Are there any negative implications to using head weights that are either so heavy or light as long as the swing weight is in range? A lot of questions I know but anyone who has any insight on this I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

  2. jonathan s
    Indianapolis, IN

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    Didn't get any response to this but thought I'd follow-up with the outcome. Apparently when building the shaft the builder either misinterpreted the desired swing weight by not factoring in the 14 gram surefit CG weight or it was mis-communicated. In either case the builder when setting up the shaft included tungsten in the epoxy/glue that was used for attaching the surefit adapter. This additional tungsten weight along with the surefit CG weight put the swing weight far to high. We've reassembled the shaft without the tungsten weight and have the swing weight back to D3 with the 14 gram surefit CG weight installed.

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