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By Matt C

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  1. Matt C

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    Is it just me or do other players love to sit down with a new dozen and a sharpie and mark them all.

  2. pulplvr
    Spring, TX

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    I used to do that. I'd take all the balls out of the sleeves and resort them in the open box in numerical sequence. Then I would mark all of the balls and put them back into the sleeves, but again in numerical sequence -- 1,2,3; 4,1,2; 3,4,1; 2,3,4. When it was time to put some into play, I'd open one sleeve at a time and run through the balls sequentially. Now, I have a play number and only mark one or two sleeves at a time. Since all have the same number, I simply adjust the marking on one of the three so I always have two differently marked balls available.
  3. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    With the sharpie holder on the bag, I find myself marking 3 at a time as I open a new sleeve.
  4. Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

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    I only mark a few at a time anymore. I don't lose them like I used to .
  5. John B
    Kenmore, NY

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    Yep, one dozen at a time - one single green dot to the right of the number. Been doing it that way since I played HS golf since I'm Irish and my school colors were green and gold... oh yeah I graduated from HS in 1980, so that's 37 years worth of green dots!!!
  6. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    I normally buy the 4 for 3 package in March. But I can limit my OCD to only mark 1 dozen at a time as I need the next sleeve. Interestingly enough, having a custom number (50) doesn't help other players identify my ball. I still need to add my unique color/location marking to help them.
  7. Hendy
    Sterling Heights, MI

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    Yup, sometimes a man gets bored and does stuff.

    Always seem to ponder a new "mark" but always keep it the same. 3 pink dots around the # to represent the 3 women in my life. (W/D/D)
  8. 0 Posts

    I mark my ball with a single red dot over the logo on both sides. This is the same mark my father used until his death. I think of him every time I sit down to mark my balls.
  9. chris b
    Leesburg, VA

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    yep ... I do it every time. My wife thinks I'm nuts.

    What gets me is that sometimes it still doesn't help because people will still pick up the ball or hit it thinking that it's theirs. Either they don't look or just don't care.
  10. Jim W
    Vass, NC

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    Yes indeed. Gotta mark them as I buy them. A fun ritual for sure...

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