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By Craig D

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  1. Craig D
    Canton, OH

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    I live in NE Ohio & have literally played the same two TruSoft balls for 18 to 54 holes the last 6 weekends in temps sometimes below freezing. I play throughout the winter here as long as there is not snow as 3 hours playing 18 holes with a few die hard partners even if cold is still playing. I have been impressed with the durability of the balls over this extended period in less than "typical" conditions but one of the two balls finally surrendered this morning on the first tee ball. I have been playing the TruSoft in the cold months the last 2 years and am genuinely impressed. While I play a different model of Titleist balls during warmer times, I am genuinely impressed by the durability and great feel that this model offers. Anyone looking for a great winter ball in similar climes who is used to playing ProV1s or X's during warm times should give serious consideration to the DT TruSoft. Another great example of Titleist products first in quality and performance.

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    I played my last round Dec. 3 in 40 degree temps. I play the Pro v1x, but used a found DT TruSoft on the water holes. I was surprised how good it felt off the clubface even in the cold. It did seem to be about half a club short of the Pro v1x but come spring I will buy some to try in warm weather.
  3. chris b
    Leesburg, VA

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    I just started playing these yesterday & I like them a lot. Especially for a winter ball. They have a bit more roll out on chips & pitches than what I'm used to but overall a good ball. I agree about the durability ... I played the entire round with the same ball & it looks like it just came out of the sleeve.
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    I love the new TruSoft. Still opt for NXT's, but as you have confirmed with your thorough testing, they are tough!
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    I love them. I bought a dozen to use this winter and played them last weekend. I was surprised at the added distance I was getting! The first hole has a creek that runs across it, I've always driven it right in front of the creek. When I used the Trusoft It bounced over the creek!
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    I alternate between the TruSoft and ProV1 and can safely say I like the feel of the former much better, and they last several times longer than the ProV1. For half as much, they are a great buy.
  7. Jim S
    East Point, GA

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    Great ball for anytime of the year.especially the colder months.Price is right.

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