By Keith J

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  1. Keith J

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    Can't wait to try out my new AVX balls delivered by "Santa". Combined with two Titleist gloves makes for a great Christmas!

  2. Steve B
    Centerville, IN

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    Awesome, let us know how they perform!!!
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    I’ve played 5 rounds with these and they are the best ball I have ever played. For some reason my pro shop has them here in MS. I’ve bought 2 dozen and will go clean them out next week. They fly straight off the tee and are exteremely durable. Thank you Titleist!
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    Where in Mississippi?
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    Team Titleist.
    Loved the way the new AVX ball performed but the quality/durability is not up to standards of the ProV1x that I normally play. Look at the attached picture and note how the Titleist logo is coming off the ball. I played 18 holes and with the exception of 1 bunker shot, this ball was never off of grass but looks distressed.
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