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By Don O

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  1. Don O

    Don O
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    Finally got the announcement for the 2018 release. We've heard about the Velocity colors, but the Tour Soft is quite a remarkable upgrade from/replacement for the NXT-Tour and Tour-S. AVX did not make it in today's announcement.

    I was hoping to use the AVX as my yellow Pro-V1. Not likely as Titleist is promoting the Tour Soft as superior to Chrome Soft, "A", and RXS. Will have to try the Tour Soft in amber, now. I've already tried and been disappointed with those other balls in yellow, so maybe this will work as my cloudy day ball. Have to get over my hang-up to a 2 piece non-urethane ball.

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    I doubt that the long-planned introduction of an NXT replacement (this being an even numbered year) has anything to do with the AVX test marketing. Titleist said all along they would evaluate the AVX as a possible ball to be added later, not as a replacement for any existing model.

    Just look at Titleist’s web page. They removed NXT Tour and NXT S, added Tour Soft and still list AVX as a test market ball. Tells us what we need to know.

    I do hope AVX becomes a product, myself. I like ProV1x a lot and if necessary would go back to using it but AVX is even better for my game!

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