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By David C

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  1. David C
    Vicenza, Italy

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    Guys, while you are on this website take time to read on the history of Titleist. Today was the first time I have ever read that page. Could you imagine playing golf with those golf balls that had an oblong center. Very interesting stuff. I would be interested to know if anyone knows if there is a comprehensive book, article, anything on all of the golf clubs that Titleist has ever made. I have been on the previous models page a bunch. What I am talking about is stories and history of each set. I have many of the older sets and would be very interested to get something like that. Anyone out there ever come across such a thing!

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    David, unfortunately we do not have one comprehensive volume that details every Titleist club we've ever made . However, we're always looking for ideas for stories that we can bring to life and this would certainly be a fun one to pursue. We'll reach out to the Club team and kick some ideas around. Thanks!

  3. David C
    Vicenza, Italy

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    Rick, if this ever comes up with the folks at corporate please let them know that there is plenty of interest. I have kept everything Titleist I have ever owned. For me it started in 1989 with the DTR irons. Back in the day, all of my college golf team friends would call them my illegal irons. They were long...
  4. Ralph C
    Portland, ME

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    A history of the balls would be pretty cool, too.
    You could include ones like the Green Ray, etc. Just a suggestion, but, as many of the older ones are collectible (I just recently sold some on eBay), something comprehensive like specifications, production volume, construction, special or tour editions, etc., might become a valuable resource, as well as a way to further garner interest in the Titleist brand.
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    Love the history! The story behind Titleist is a huge part of the value for me.
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    Hey everyone - We do have previous models listed on the website here: www.titleist.com/previous-models

    The earliest models listed are from 1972. Enjoy exploring!

    As far as golf balls goes, we did showcase each of the Pro V1 models since 2000: www.titleist.com/.../exploring-the-titleist-pro-v1-archive but love the ideas to share the history of our golf balls.

    Great discussion and thanks to David C. for highlighting this page: www.titleist.com/.../history

    Team Titleist Staff
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    HI Abby and Rick (and fellow TT'ers),

    A timely thread for me.... I have begun to collect all the Acushnet and Titleist Balls. It will make a cool display and good cocktail talk for all Titleist nerds like myself (I say that with Pride!)

    I'm in the infancy of collecting and researching. Online materials are limited, but I look forward to really trying to gather this info and post accordingly.

    Abby... I like the shot of you and Scotty. You did a great job at the PGA show on those interviews!

    With the weather warming up, my mind has been on golf and TT.

    Take care folks,

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