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By Big_Ben

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  1. Big_Ben
    Rochester, MN

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    Does anyone have any feedback on the new Tour Soft balls? Looking for a good ball in the middle price range.

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    I tested these next to my NXT's on a shot monitor (10 of each with each club), then I played 18 holes (9 with NXT Tour S and 9 with Tour Soft). My ball flight and spin were extremely similar between the two. Tour soft is closer in feel to the NXT Tour S, than the NXT Tour (yet seemingly softer than the NXT Tour S). The Tour Soft seemed to offer more green side control than either of the NXT's, and the distance was slightly longer than the NXT off the tee. The Tour Soft feels great and performs for me. I am fully stocked on NXT Tour, but I will switch when necessary.

    The Tour Soft also held up exceptionally well. I am not sure I have ever experienced a ball this soft, being this durable. I played 9 holes with the same Tour Soft, and had no scuffs or scratches. I played the next 9 with an NXT Tour S, which I found to be less durable. This was a shock because the new surlyn cover is the thinnest cover yet, to my understanding. the Tour Soft is the softest ball I have played. I read that it has a compression in the mid 60s. For comparison, the NXT Tour S is mid 70s, NXT Tour is mid 80s and a Pro V1 has compression over 90. The softer compression seemed to give me more consistent feel across a wider rang of shots. Meaning, the ball was more responsive than others, at slower swing speeds. I don't think you will be disappointed if you are looking for premium and consistent soft feel. I hope this helps in some way. Good luck!
  3. James H
    Essex, 0

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    I had a sleeve of test balls earlier this year and, assuming they were the new Tour Soft, all I can say is try them out. As Sam said, they are very durable, very soft and for me very long. If you are looking for a good value ball this has to be tried.
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    I was fortunate to be sent a trial pack, I found the ball good. Off the tee it was long and controllable and still responsive around the greens. The feel off the putter was soft while the ball was still responsive(milled face putter). The cover was soft, if you play Titleist balls you will be use to this and accepting of this charm of this aspect of Titleist balls.

    The only negative I am really stuck on is they don't float. I would be happy to play these balls again. (considering this is very much a touchy feely review rather than a comparative scientific answer) Good luck on your search
  5. Danny M
    Tupelo, MS

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    Not to be too technical but how is the “angle of descent”? I’ve played both NXTs for years and really like them. But I’ve tried other new soft balls and they all seem to go so far and then just drop straight down. Fine for wedges but not so much for drivers ... when you’re 70 years old.
  6. Ron R
    Houston, TX

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    My ball of choice is Pro-V1X... with that being said I bought a dozen Tour Soft to try out. I coach golf and really didn’t like the NXT at all so I wanted to find a less expensive ball than the Pro-V line.

    Pluses: high yellow visibility option and good around the green at a lower cost than Pro-V line. I did not notice a negligible difference between it and the Pro-V1X around the green.

    Negative: for me it’s not as long as the Pro-V1X

    I will buy the Tour Soft for my golfers and use it for daily play. Save the Pro-V1X for tournament play! I wish I could find Pro-V1X in the high yellow; any chance of that in the future?

    I do highly recommend this ball!
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    Longer and definitely softer. If these are the test balls that I was sent, they are impressive. I'm sold.... played 2 rounds with them, and they surprised me.
    I was also especially pleased with the control.

    Try's worth it.

    Thank You (again) Titleist !!!
  8. Steve N
    Bartlesville, OK

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    I received a Test sleeve that had to be Tour soft. I bounced them off my tile floor and you could hear and see the difference in softness compared to my ProV1s, side by side.
    Off the tee the performed well but with a softer feel which I didn't care for.
    Where they excelled was 100 yards in and off the putter. I really liked the feel and felt I could be more aggressive with the putter with increased feel.
    Subjective review, don't use any tech for analysis except for the rangefinder. :-)
  9. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    James, if you got test balls this past year and you normally played NXT you probably got the Tour Soft test ball. It is a completely new ball but brings the very best of the previous two NXT balls. And Sam that is why you see similarities in the NXT balls. It is also designed to be competitive in price and performance with the other soft cover balls that are so poplar.
  10. George L
    Mentor, OH

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    I have been playing Pro V1 for the past couple of years, my kids just got me a dozen of these. I am very anxious to try these out, in conjunction with my new AP3's; if the weather ever cooperates here in Ohio. Titleist never fails to improve!
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    I tried them this past weekend and they are soft and they are long too. I can't think of a Titleist ball that hasn't been durable for me, but that might have something to do with how I hit the ball. I usually play the Pro V1x, but these are comparable in most respects. The regular Pro V1 is the most controllable for me, but I'm not sure it's as long as either the Tour Soft or the Pro V1x. Give them a try. Titleist balls are always the best. Just the logo of Titleist makes me feel more confident that the ball will perform.
  12. JShelton
    Charleston, SC

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    Haven't tried them yet, but hope to soon....when the weather in Western PA finally breaks.

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