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By 19hole

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  1. 19hole
    Woburn, MA

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    The program has been announced and will run from 22 March until 22 April. It is for ProV1 and ProV1x balls only. Buy 3 dozen and get the 4th dozen free.

    Thank You Titleist!!!!

  2. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Time for everyone to stock up and save a few bucks. Thanks for the reminder Rick. And thank you Titleist for the savings.......
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    Good to know!
  4. Frank W

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    I am not familiar with the details. Purchase through the Titleist website? Custom #s are available? If so, i’m In.
  5. greg p
    Algonquin, IL

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    I'm in...as usual. Good deal.
  6. Joe M
    Fire Lieutenant (Ret)

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    Why so late into March?
  7. Press

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    Looking forward to my personalized Pro-V1’s once again!
    Post Image
  8. Craig P
    Shawano, WI

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    Why not the AVX 4 for 3?

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