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By Dave J

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  1. Hi I’ve played with ProV1 for along time - preferred the lower flight and higher spin with irons. Just been fitted (excellent experience by the way) and the new X has slightly better numbers for me ! Didn’t realise the new x now spins more with irons than the new V1. I still have a few packs of 2016 Prov1s which I don’t want to give away !

    A question I didn’t ask was - Why have titleist changed the iron spin around with the new versions of v1 and x ? Does it mean I used to be v1 but now I’m x? Or have I misunderstood and I’ve been using the wrong ball all along ? Have the pros all reversed the ball they use ? I want to order few dozen - but which ball ? Any comment should appreciated

  2. Hi, Dave.

    Just wanted to weigh in, as quite a few golfers have some confusion over the flight, feel and spin characteristics of Pro V1 and Pro V1x. To clarify, we did not switch the performance characteristics of the two models. The way we've always looked at V and X can be summed up like this: Pro V1 is the best performing golf ball for MOST golfers in terms of flight, feel, spin and distance.

    Off the tee, Pro V1 and Pro V1x offer virtually the same distance, but they achieve that distance differently. Pro V1x flies higher, spins slightly more and reaches peak trajectory further downrange than Pro V1. It has a steeper angle of descent than Pro V1, typically carrying further, but rolling out less than Pro V1.

    On iron approaches, full wedges and shots around the green, Pro V1x also launches higher and spins slightly more than Pro V1. For most golfers, Pro V1x will feel firmer than Pro V1 on all shots.

    Over the years, we've made small changes to these characteristics, but we've always designed Pro V1x to offer an alternative choice that suits many golfers - higher flight, slightly more spin and firmer feel than Pro V1.

    Hope this helps and sorry for the confusion.


  3. Thanks for that Rick, I appreciate it. I’ve uploaded a photo of an older ProV1 box and it says clearly driver and iron spin is higher in ProV1, X is lower.
    The new box of x’s I’ve bought says iron spin on X is higher (and that’s what my numbers showed at my fitting), ProV1 is lower.
    That’s the source of my confusion- it’s an apparent change in characteristic of each ball. I’m going to order 4 dozen personalised very shortly and want to make the right decision. Thanks
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  4. Hi Rick, many thanks for that. I’m still slightly unsure - I’ve uploaded a photo of an older box of ProV1 and it clearly says ProV1 spins more with driver and irons than X does. The box of X I’ve just purchased says the X spins more than ProV1 with irons - an apparent reversal.
    I’m going to purchase the personalised ‘four for three’ offer but want to make sure I get the right ball. Thanks again, Dave
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  5. John M

    John M
    Clayton, CA

    Thanks Rick for the explanation. Really helps with my choice.
  6. Brjann B

    Brjann B
    kirkland, WA

    Switched from ChromeSoft X back to Titleist and after few rounds i chose ProVx due to liking ball flight and the slightly firmer feel. Great post from Rick but do yourself a favor and buy a sleeve of each and play a few rounds - no comments here will tell you which ball will fit you better.
  7. I had the same thought as you Dave but I was getting the better flight and spin with the x. The fitter had to convince me because I like the softer feel of the v but flight means more I suppose.
  8. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I did a comparison on the course over 6 rounds. I played each ball throughout the round switching every other hole only exception was, I used the X on 2 par 3's & 2 par 5's and the same for the V so I could get a good idea how each reacted to shorter and longer shots... give them both a fair shot and make the decision based on how the feel & play for you... Good luck Dave
  9. Thanks for the answers all - I have played both current models against one another several times now and for me the X is the better ball - slightly more carry with the irons. So I’m going to order a personalised 4 dozen X.

    My sub question was related to the apparent change in ball characteristics - up until the current models titleist and alsways advertised the ProV1 as being the higher spin ball off driver and irons, now it is the X. I wondered why the apparent change and has anyone else found they have been fitted into the new X after years of ProV1 or vice versa

    Thanks everyone

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