New to golf: AP1- AP2 Irons

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By BHoff

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I am new to golf and I have heard great things from Titleist. Could anyone tell me the difference between the 716 AP1 and the AP2 irons and their personal opinions on which one to purchase?

  2. Gary D

    Gary D
    Cranston, RI

    Personal opinion is that AP2's are players irons and AP1's are game improvement irons. If you tend to hit down on the ball than take a "dollar bill" divot, buy the AP2's. If you "sweep" the ball and take about a 1" divot, buy the AP1's. I sweep the ball and have the AP1's and find them unbelievably easy to hit. I used to have 4 and 5 iron rescue clubs and have since replaced them with the 4 and 5 iron AP1's. I hit the AP1's better than I used to hit my rescue clubs.
  3. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    Aren't the AP1's cast and the AP2's forged?
  4. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    I will only say this; get fitted.. Both are great clubs but like Gary said, it depends on your swing and game. Also, you need to find the right shaft for your swing.

    Highly recommend finding a Titleist fitter and go from there.

    I have the 714 AP1s and LOVE THEM. Mostly b/c they're very forgiving and the feel is just simply awesome..

    Had I not been fitted for them, could've been a different story...

    Either way, you will not be disappointed.
  5. william m

    william m
    Holywell, Flintshire

    As your just starting out, it would be worth maybe looking at second hand unless you have the money to be able to splash out on a new set. The second hand option for me if you wanted to purchase Titleist would be the best option, if you find you don't get on with the clubs or just don't enjoy the game you haven't shelled out a fortune on a new set of clubs..

    However if you buy new, get a fitting a then have lessons to get to grips with the wonderful game of golf.

    I changed to Titleist this year, and I'm loving the clubs. I've got the 716 AP2's and 915D3 Driver with 915F 3 wood...
  6. I am in the same boat - love the look of AP2 over AP1 but as a high handicap I know I am "supposed" to go with the AP1 since the AP2 are supposed to be harder to hit. But I wonder - wont that make me a better player as I practice with the AP2?
  7. I am in the same boat - love the look of AP2 over AP1 but as a high handicap I know I am "supposed" to go with the AP1 since the AP2 are supposed to be harder to hit. But I wonder - wont that make me a better player as I practice with the AP2?
  8. mark t

    mark t
    makawao, HI

    I am no expert, but IMHO no, using AP2s as a high handicapper will take you longer to gain confidence. As a high handicapper, something is wrong. Alignment, posture, grip, judging distance, etc..

    As a low handicapper, IMO you must hit about 50-60% Greens in Regulation (GIR), your drives must be also up there in the middle of the fairway and your putting must be so consistent that you minimize 3 or 4 putting.

    Why not use game improvement clubs to get consistent. I would set goals with getting better clubs. IE, break 95 consistently new wedge, break 90 consistently, new putter, with the ultimate goal... break 80/85 AP2s.

    Again this is my opinion, spending time on practicing weekly and playing weekly will bring down the scores. I believe even single digit handicappers do not hibernate during winter, I could be wrong, they are practicing putting, chipping, swinging, and physically working out during winter. Even dreaming of playing a round in their head helps.

    Having a consistent swing day in and day out will help bringing down handicap.
    Am I off base?

    Good Luck....

  9. Shawn E

    Shawn E
    Carlsbad, CA

    I own both a set of 714 AP2s and a set of 714 AP1s. In a nutshell, it comes down to ball striking consistency. If you consistently can strike the ball on the sweet spot then you can play either clubs. However, if you cannot hit the sweet spot consistently, you shots will lose distance. Then if you do not consistently strike the ball squarely because you come across the ball (out-to-in club path) or you push the ball (in-to-out club path) then you will add a degree of curvature to the ball with respect to the amount of that club head path. Then, a third variable comes into play, the degree of which you leave the club face open or closed with respect to the path of the club head.

    If you want to be able to shape shots (curve them around objects, hit fades and draws at will; even hook or slice on purpose) then the AP1s will fight against that. The AP1s are designed to nullify the variables that allow you to shape a shot (whether intentional or not). They do this by spreading the center of gravity across the face rather than concentrating the center of gravity behind the sweet spot - which is more inline with the AP2 design.

    The AP1s have a much wider sole too and a the heads are offset a little bit more than the AP2s. The wide sole helps glide through rough better and helps prevent digging into turf. The offset gives the player a better chance at squaring up the club face.

    So, if you only want to worry about hitting your shots straight then go with the AP1s. If you want to shape shots and control your trajectory, then you may want to go with AP2s.

    There are many more variables to consider but that is the major difference between the two models.

    It correlates to your handicap a little bit but not entirely. A player may be high HCP because he can't hit a driver or 3-wood and 3-putts four times a round. That same player may hit his irons great. Or someone may have a great short game and crappy iron play and crappy putting.

    For me, I have a hard time hitting straight shots with the AP2s because I have inconsistent swing mechanics. Some shots go nice and straight, some draw, some hook, some fade, and occassionally I slice my irons. I get a lot of curvature I don't intend for or want.

    I played a round this past weekend with my brand new 716 AP1s and I did not lose a ball the whole round. That is the first time I ever did that. I tried fading around a tree one time and the AP1s still hit the ball straight (so it can work against you when you want to curve a shot left or right). I find most mid and high HCP players probably should worry more about hitting the ball straight at their targets instead of worry about shaping their shots.
  10. The best thing to do in your case it to hit both sets and choose which you like, personally I have the 716 AP2s and i have never hit an iron that felt more solid that I had as much control over.
  11. From all of your comments i think the AP2s sound the best for me right now. Thanks for the input. Much appreciated!
  12. What did you experience with ap2s? It was a good choice?
  13. DV


    I think this whole idea that the 716 AP1 irons are for higjer handicappers and the AP2 are for low handcappers is a whole bunch of malarky. I am a 1 handicap. I have been a low hamdicap player for ober 25 years and during that time I played mostly blades. I just recently got fit for a new set of sticks. I tried AP1, AP2, MB, T-MB, and the CB. I hit them all well. However, I am getting older and I have been losing my swing speed. I don' t hit the ball as far as I used to and this will probably continue as I age. As a result, I factored this into my desicision to my purchase. I was fitted on a range with a fitting center that also used Flightscope to track all my shots. 4 hours later, the upshit was the 716 AP1 were the longest and gave me the tightest dispersion of all the clubs I mentioned. I also had a chance to try the club hitting balls in some thick rough. Tnese clubs were awesome from the rough. As a result, I bougt the set with graphite stiff shafts. I also swapped out the 4I for the 816 H1 which blew me away how well I hit it. I also picked up 10 yards with this club as compared with what I used to hit my former 4I. The two things you sacrifice, if you want to call it sacrifice, are the club head is a little larger (size and weight) than the AP2. Some people prefer smaller clubheads. The AP1 is more of a cast than a forge iron which will give the club a different feel when you hit the ball. However, you gain additional distance over the AP2 and you are also given greater playability over minor mishits on the clubface. These are big pluses! Also, I had no problem working the ball both ways as well as high and low. So, in summary, do not feel that you are sacrificing anything by selecting the AP1 vice the AP2. I had been told that there are some Tour players who are using the AP1. That whole myth about the AP2 is a better players club is nothing more than a myth. I do recommend you get fit and see for yourself. Judge for yourself. Don't follow old wives tales.

  14. I just looked at some AP2 irons at a Scheels. Wow, I didn't realize the club head/face was so small. Are the AP3's going to have a bigger sweet spot? I'm like a 6-7 handicap right now. Can occasionally pull out an even round from tips with my swoosh Vapor irons. I have a little bit of slice at times, but also a hook at times. I am also wondering if AP2 irons are the way to go. Just bought a Titleist golf bag so at this point I have to get some Titleist clubs but not sure what to get anymore.

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