The Circle of Life for Titleist Clubs 2008 AP2s

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By Chuck Z

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  1. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Once upon a time, in the land known as Charleston, SC, I owned a set of 2008 AP2s with Project X 5.5 S shafts and sold them to my brother-in-law when I bought a set of 2014 AP2s. After selling them to him, I wished many times that I had kept them. I loved those irons and have had nightmares about them. We as golfers are always on that merry-go-round looking for that golden ring and hoping to buy a better game. Sometimes we get and sometimes we don't. Mainly because we do not take the time it takes to get acquainted with our new equipment and know what it and our capabilities are. My brother in law was in town this week and we were in my mancave and we were looking through some of my used clubs and I had an extra 915D2 and a 915H1 that his son could use and we agreed on a price which was more than fair. Then I remembered that he had given those AP2s to his son to use and asked if he was still playing with them and he said no, he had gotten another set of clubs. Not Titleist, which I could not beieve because he and I are both Titleist loyalists. I told him I would gladly take them back in trade if that was acceptable, instead of the cash amount we had agreed upon and well my old friends are coming back home. Will I play them maybe? After I take them to the fitter and have them adjusted to my current fitting. Main thing, is there are where they belong, HOME. Those are great irons, and old friends that were missed. We are going to Memphis in the fall and I will pick them up then.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I recently picked up a set of 1980 Titleist Tour irons that also came with persimmon woods. Turns out, they are better as a trophy. Like new, they are nice to play, just not for a semi-serious round of golf. Enjoy getting together with your old friends, but even with adjustment, they won't be as good as your current irons.
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    You are on point Don and I am in the market for a new set of AP3s and am in a holding pattern for the next cycle. I follow the new technology that Titleist offers us and if can benefit me, I take advantage of it. The new ones should be coming out in October of 2019 and I will make my move then. Guess my upgrade this year could be one hybrid and a new driver. As always with a new driver my priority is accuracy and additional ten yards. If not, I keep what is in the bag and I hear the TS is long. Just a good feeling that my old friends are coming back home in November. Do not expect to hit them like my current set, two completely different types of clubs. Should be fun playing around with them. Tournament season starts the end of August and am working with a coach and my 716AP1s are coming around. Have one regular (three day) and four senior invitational tournaments (two day) lined up and see how the old body can hold up. Fortunately none of them are walking tournaments. I passed on one in July, it is just too hot and I love to play the course and the tournament. That is what I enjoy about this crazy game at this point in my life, havin' fun. Do not take me wrong, I take it seriously, but I enjoy the game very much and have fun playing it, as was intended.
  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I won my flight in the first tournament in the men's division over Labor Day weekend, (New pair of BOA Pro/SLs as a tee gift and a regular pair of Pro/SLs that were released on 10/1 as my flight winner gift). Just finished second in a member/guest at Sea Pines Country Club on Hilton Head Island, flight four of nine flights. Played again from the men's tees. We did not know we could play split tees when we entered. Picked up another pair of Pro/SLs and a dozen of Prov1s as a tee gift. Will be playing in a men's senior invitational on Mon and Tues at Berkeley CC, in Moncks Corner, SC. More FJ products as tee gifts. Hoping to do well at this one. Probably the last one of the season will be at the Joint Base Charleston on Nov 12 and 13. Men's senior invitational that I have been playing for over twenty years. All these courses are in real good shape and should be fun. Plan on heading to Collierville, TN for Thanksgiving and hoping to get on TPC at Southwind while I am there as I did last year. That is a really nice tract. That is where the Fed EX St Jude Classic has been played in June, in years past. Think they are moving the dates in 2019. Oh, a will be picking up my silverbacks at that time. Deja Vu, all over again, in the words of world famous Yankees catcher?

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