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By skyler v

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  1. I’ll be getting fit soon for a new driver and I’m curious what I should expect as far as gains. I don’t want to go into the fitting with unrealistic expectations and end up disappointed. I don’t have a modern driver, my current driver is a swoosh from 2005 that I bought second hand a few years back. I typically carry it 220-230 yards. I don’t have a clue what my swing speed is. I was recently fit into a set of AP3s and a 19 degree 818 h2 and I hit the hybrid right at 200 yards. My plan is to make the trip a Titleist regional fitting center and get fit on a track man. What are your thoughts, what’s realistic?

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    I'd say the numbers being put up in everyone's fittings are for real. I also know that every time i have switched drivers, it takes several weeks to several months to get totally comfortable and confident with the switch. Don't panic if every shot doesn't come off perfectly after you switch. You have been playing the same driver for 15 years so this will feel strange for you for a while. Over time you will be glad you made the upgrade.
  3. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    If you are hitting your H2 200 yards (on average), then I would think you could pick up at least 15 yards carry, maybe more, with a TS driver. Trust what your fitter has you try and if you are uncertain about anything, let him/her know. Take your time during the fitting because you want to get it right the first time. Nothing worse than laying out the cost for the new driver only to be disappointed with it once you get it.
  4. jonathan s

    jonathan s
    Indianapolis, IN

    If you're hitting a 19 degree hybrid 200 yards you're swing speed is with a driver is likely 95mph give or take 2-3 mph. Given that I would assume you swing driver right around 100mph you would see ball speed of 150mph on well struck shots. With that ball speed and if launch and spin are optimized your could see carry of distance of 245 yards. This is all just a ball park estimate. Your swing "is what it is" so all you can do is optimize what you have so focus on smash factor and ball speed.
  5. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    Interesting thoughts on distance gain.
    I'm going to throw this one out there...

    How about all this new technology is just helping players maintain their maximum distance while aging.
    I'm currently at age 50 as long as I was as a 25 year old player...getting older...being less flexible...and recovering from a broken tibia have only slowed my game down a bit. As I train and recover I'm hoping to gain some speed back but I'm not too sure I'll see + 15 yard gains.

    Dr. K
  6. Nick D

    Nick D
    Long Beach

    Some of the numbers being put up have me scratching my head. I guess if the persons previous driver was a poor fit and now they got fit for the TS, it's totally possible. I would think that if your previous driver was fit to you, the new TS should be close + or -. I LOVE Titleist but we have to be real here... I saw a guy post the other day that he gained 8 mph swing speed..???? Stuff like that just discredits all of it to me and it's hard to take seriously. I am not saying you can't gain with the TS line, I have a TS3 and have not noticed any huge gains over some other drivers I have been playing just yet, but I am also not hitting it that well.... You have to look at it from all angles when it comes to gains. Best real way to tell would be to get on a Trackman and let it show you what its doing. Personally I believe most people were very poorly fit in their previous driver and now the TS is properly fit gaining them 15-20 yards... driver COR has been maxed for a while, so there is only so much to be had when properly fit. They are beautiful clubs though and the shaft options are nice... they are definitely worth a shot if you're in the market for a new one but expecting 20 yard gains may not be the proper way to go into it.
  7. jonathan s

    jonathan s
    Indianapolis, IN

    NAILED IT! I tested the TS line and gained 2.3mph of ball speed which translated into a few yards. I was properly fit into my 917 driver so everything there was pretty well optimized (launch, spin, etc.) so I was getting everything I could out of my 106 mph swing speed. This isn't to say the TS line isn't good, just the opposite, it's very good. My interpretation of the goal Titleist had in mind was to provide ball speed and distance off of the rack right away without the need to be fit. Most golfers start the purchasing process by going to the store hitting a few drivers on the launch monitor and from the 3-4 they hit they narrow their decision based on those initial numbers. For golfers who purchase the clubs in the way I just described Titleist wanted become more competitive in that first test rather than hope the golfer would commit to a full fit that would optimize their distance. Titleist Drivers and fairway woods were always competitive with other brands, in regards to distance and ball speed but if they weren't fit they would suffer more than those other brands. The changes that have been introduced with the TS line are intended to narrow that gap.
  8. Thank you for all the replies! Much appreciated.
  9. Expect nothing.
  10. Jason P

    Jason P
    South Abington Twp

    I would imagine you should see a decent increase based on the older driver you are gaming, especially if you weren’t fit for it. I was fit this past weekend and am amazed with the results. I was never fit before and am currently gaming a 913D2. I gained 20 yards!!!! I placed my order immedialty. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.
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  11. Kelch


    I'm getting fit tomorrow afternoon in Irvine, CA. Currently playing a 10-year-old png Rapture 10.5 that I bought as a demo club in high school with no fitting. I've been custom fit for irons in the past (9 years ago) but never woods. Very excited to use Trackman and see my numbers with the new tech! I'll check back in here with the results on Friday!
  12. I just hit the TS for the 1st time. While it was impressive, my distance dropped with the TS3 about 7yds compared to my 917 D2. So, I will probably be staying with the 917 for the time being.
  13. Well i just wanted to touch on this again after my driver and fairway wood fitting today. I was fitted into a 9.5 ts2 with the evenflow in 6.0 flex. I ended up with about 30 yards over what my driver was showing on the Trackman. But what was more exciting was consistently hitting center fairway with the ts2, apparently my current driver shaft wasn’t stiff enough for my swing. It was very interesting/eye-opening to see how the different shafts changed the flight of the ball and the feel of the club, despite being the same stiffness. The fairway wood won’t be a good comparison to my current club because the lofts are 3 degrees different, but I was much more confident hitting the ts off the ground compared to mine, which is exactly what I asked the fitter to provide. Overall I couldn’t be happier, very happy I opted for a Trackman fitting over just buying the club.

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