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By Gary B

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  1. Gary B

    Gary B
    Neepawa, XX

    Couple of questions ..I play the 917 d2 driver and I am more interested in the TS3 due to weight adjustment. Is the ts3 more forgiving and the d2 and does it naturally launch higher than the d2 ? Thanks gb

  2. AndrewZ

    Lagrange, OH

    All those are subjective to the players delivery of the club. The Ts2 is supposed to launch higher but with a good fitting and setup there shouldn’t be a reason the ts3 couldn’t launch in an optimal window. Both heads are now 460cc heads so both essentially could be fit to play to optimal characteristics for the player. During my fitting the ts3 driver maintained good ball speed, carry distance and flight even on off center hit granted it not going to be as good as centered strikes but I saw better number in the TS line vs my previous 917 heads. Hope this helps but find a local Titleist Thursday and take advantage of this free fitting service it’s a great experience!
  3. I play a 917 d2 as well and would appreciate some insight into the post. I did a Titleist Thursday and the fitter said I could go with either the TS2 or TS3 after trying both.
  4. I just tested my new D3 on the course for the first time, after playing a 917 D3. After a fitting with Titleist professionals, I found that for me, the D2 and D3 launched, spun and worked (left to right and right to left) the same. It was the consensus that D2 or D3 for me was totally personal preference as there wasn't a lick of difference between the TS2 and TS3 on the launch monitor. With the same shaft, I did pick up 13 yards between the 917 and the TS. I'm obviously a fan of the TS series now, as the head generated 13 more yards. Bottom line, I would say that fitting is the key. Pick the 2 or 3 based on your game and your specs rather than listening to us on Team Titleist because their fitting is so objective that we can't get the same level of detail from these posts as a qualified fitter can give you.

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