Which AP2 is best!

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By Titleist U

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  1. Like the looks of both the 714 and the 716. That being said is there a significant advantage with the 716 over the 714AP2. Has anyone played both. Not a fan of KBS shaft!

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The 716 has improved weighting. Buying them used it might be best to find the best - least used club faces and possibly a shaft already installed that matches your swing Be it the 714 or 716.
  3. FWIW there was a recent thread on this exact topic on another well known and high-traffic equipment forum and the consensus was the 718 is the best AP2 to date with a fairly even split between 716 and 714 as the 2nd best. Unless there is a specific reason you don't care for the 718 you might want to give them a shot too.

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