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By steve w

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  1. steve w

    steve w
    tacoma, WA

    Hi guys Just wondering if any one has done this. I have had all the AP2 series and love each and every release. When the 718 series came, I wanted to try some thing different. So what I did was get the pitching wedge and 9 iron in the MB and 8 through 6 in cavity back. I ordered through Titleist with project X 6.0 shafts , then had the lie adjusted (2 up). I use a 818 H2 23 degrees and a strong 828 H2 17 degree Titleist hybrid. So the reason for this post and wondering if others did this? I dropped 4.5 strokes this season of my GHIN. ( now a16) I know, not that good. I am 57 years old with a lower back fusion with rods. I work very hard on my game and very competitive. But the one thing I noticed getting this combo set, I have a ton of confidence looking down at the ball. I feel I focus more, and when miss hit I know immediately then correct on next shot. I know it's may sound goofy to get clubs like that with my handicap. But I am so glad I took a chance. Has any one else done this ?

  2. Corey T

    Corey T

    I play 718CB in 4-6 and 718MB in 7-9 and have played the split set for about 10 years.... I love that setup!!!
    BTW...my wedges are Vokey SM6 (46-50-54-58)
  3. steve w

    steve w
    tacoma, WA

    That's awesome. I to have SM7 wedges 52, 56, 60. I will be honest, I don't use the 60 hardly ever. Just open the 56.
    Thanks for your response !
  4. AndrewZ

    Lagrange, OH

    I’ve always thought about playing a combo set but never pull the trigger on it and have had ap2 my last sets. But when I had my 712 cb’s I probably played some of the best golf I ever have which makes me wanna get into a combo set

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