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By Abby L.

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  1. Abby L.

    Abby L.
    Providence, RI

    Two Ways to Speed

    Hey Team Titleist – It’s been such an exciting summer and fall launching the new TS drivers and fairway metals, and we hope you’ve had the chance to get fit.

    With the new TS metals technology, you have two new ways to more speed: TS2 lets you swing aggressive with maximum forgiveness across the face, while TS3 offers an adjustable sweet spot for speed-tuned performance.

    Whether you’ve already had a fitting, or you’re hoping to get dialed in soon, we want to know which TS model you’re going to tee up to bring more speed to your game. Give us your feedback with the quick poll below and share your fitting experience in the comments below!

    And, if you respond to the quick poll, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a “Think Fast” TS Metals T-shirt!

    HERE’S HOW TO ENTER - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Make a selection in the quick poll. 

    Yes, it's that easy.

    We’ll randomly select four (4) winners from all approved entries that are submitted by Sunday, October 28, 2018 at 11:59 PM.

    A few more important details ... Only one entry per person. If you send in multiple replies, you'll be disqualified from the contest. Don't forget to include all of the details outlined above or your entry will not be considered eligible.

    Keep in mind, all posts are moderated and it may take some time for your replies in the comments to appear. 

    No purchase necessary. View complete rules here: http://www.titleist.com/company/Community-Policy.aspx#sweepstakes

    U.S. only. Here's some more info: Why are Titleist sweepstakes U.S. only?

    Good luck, all!

  2. tony k

    tony k
    bradenton, FL

    The best thing about going to a fitting session. Would have never guessed the TS3 would work better in my case but after a thorough comparison it was determined that I'd benefit in putting the TS3 and some added adjustments into my bag. Christmas is coming so we'll hope and pray.
  3. Dro


    I have a hard time calling them fairway metals., lol... They're woods to me and always will be. Maybe the younger generation can recognize the metal naming. Nonetheless, TS3 was right for me. However, I can't cure the nasty slice I gained since I purchased it. Looking forward to some time dialing it in over the next couple weeks!
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Ball speed is up and have had some drives that changed my second shot. Love it.
  5. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Going through the fitting session is awesome because it removes all doubt about what setup you should get. My fitter had me hit my driver first to set a baseline and then had me try the TS2 and we worked through five different shafts before settling on the TS2 with the HZRDUS Smoke 60. Going into the fitting I would not have guessed that the Smoke shaft would be a good fit for me, but my launch angle and spin numbers were right where they needed to be and overall I gain 20 total yards over my 915...I was shocked. Bottom line the TS line is awesome, but get fit and trust what your fitter has you try.
  6. Rob E

    Rob E
    San Jose, CA

    I got fitted at a Titleist Thursday the first week they started in my area. I ended up getting improvements over my 917D2 with the TS3. I started gaming the TS3 Driver and Fairway immediately when received. Getting fitted is the ticket.
  7. Ken

    Tonawanda, NY

    I had never been fit before for any club in my bag but during the first week in October that changed. I was fit to the TS3 driver by Karen Gray and Chris O'Rourke at the Manchester Lane Test Facility. Not only did my distance increase with the TS3, but they were able to get a tighter dispersion on my drives. A fantastic experience with two people who really know their stuff and do a great job! An awesome bag of Titleist clubs to suit my game was the result and a fitting I won't soon forget.
  8. I was fitted by Brent at a Titleist Thursday event in NJ. Brent had done a few other fittings for me in the past 2 years, including my 917D2. We established a baseline with that and then moved on to the TS3. While I did try the TS2, the TS3 suited my eye better. With the hzrdus smoke shaft I gained a little ball speed and about 12 yards. I love the look, sound, feel, and most importantly the results. My TS3 arrived 12 days after placing the order. Thanks Brent and thanks Titleist!
  9. I will definitely share my Tee-to-Green Fitting & Golf Fitness Evaluation November 1st and 2nd!
  10. 19hole

    Reading, MA

    I thought I would be a TS3 but the fitting showed much better numbers with the TS2.
  11. I haven’t had a chance to get fitted yet, planning on the first weekend in November, but the TS2 sounds like it’s going to be a perfect fit. I’m fired up to try it.
  12. Started the journey this spring. Was fit for 818 hybrids, 718 MB Irons and SM7 Vokey Wedges. Started seeing improvement immediately. The final pieces were the woods. After another Titleist Thursday I chose the TS3 Driver and TS3 Fairway. Now that the bag is complete I have complete confidence in the tools required, as evidenced by finally getting into the 60’s this past weekend. The only shame is that winter is steadily approaching. Cheers to Team Titleist, look forward to being a member for years to come!
  13. Can't wait to get fitted this weekend. Have also been thinking of putting AP3's in the bag so I may be #TeamTitleist all 14 clubs when we're done! Super stoked!
  14. Michael H

    Michael H
    Aurora, CO

    I was fitted a few weeks back by a Titleist Rep and it turns out that my numbers were the same for both clubs, maybe a slight variance but nothing to glaring. So with that being said I purchased the TS3 model last wknd and am living this club. Not only am I hitting it farther, but the sound if the “png” from the older 9 series is gone. It’s sound and feels great with the Evenflow shaft. Also after seeing it fly through the air as compared to when I got fitted, indoors is just awesome. Good job Titleist, and JT just might be right when he was “quoted “ as saying that TS might stand for “The Sh_ _”.
  15. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    I’ve been in D3 for 915 and 917, TS3 might be my fit.
  16. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    Got fitted in Sept. and got myself the TS2 w/ smoke shaft... Need to get fitted, so many options to help your game.
  17. Marc S

    Marc S
    El Paso, TX

    TS3 Driver and TS2 3-Wood. Living overseas. Flying home Friday where they will be waiting for me. I can’t wait.
  18. I've been using the 917 D3 model since it came out, I love the ball flight! I'm going to get fitted for a TS2 in hopes of getting a little more height and forgiveness to my drives. Super stoked to hit the new driver.
  19. Haven't been measured in a fitting since 2015. Thinking that this time I will have senior flex clubs for the first time. Looking for yards whoever they can come from.
  20. parman247

    Manchester, NJ

    99.9% sure I’m going to order a TS2 10.5* Driver and a TS2 15* Fwy by the weekend. Staunch Titleist supporter; 917’s, 818 H1, 718 AP1’s, a SC FUTURA Putter and a 14 way cart bag. Nothing better.
  21. N Anthony S

    N Anthony S
    Portland, OR

    I was just fitted a couple of weeks ago. TS2 is what fits best for me. It just came in from Titleist this week. Cant't wait to put it in play.
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