TS3 driver snapped and head cracked

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By DBowers

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  1. Anybody else broke a TS3 or TS2 driver? Played about my 7th round today with mine and a bubble had popped up to the right of the alignment marker on the crown so it seems like a crack where the face meets the crown. Happened on a hit high on the face towards the face. Didn’t pay attention to it but noticed a different sound. Next shot with it the club snapped at the hosel on a shot dead on the sweet spot. Titleist TS3 9.5 degree with project x hzrdus smoke 6.5. Loved it until this. And of course I don’t have a receipt.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    If you bought it through a legitimate shop, they should be willing to issue a return to Titleist. Even online vetted vendors like Global Golf or Discount Dan's would be helpful for making it right. If you didn't pay cash, you can at least prove when and where you made a large Titleist purchase. That much damage would be rare with Titleist. If you bought if online and and paid much less than $499, then it may be counterfeit. I have no doubt Titleist will help to make a legitimate club right.
  3. ADeLucia

    Clayton NC

    call customer service. they should be willing to point you in the right direction
  4. I hope you can get a replacement ! Were you playing in a colder area of the country (northeastern US ) ? I'm always fearful of damaging my clubs when playing in sub 45 degree weather, but just love being out on the course whenever possible.
  5. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    Post us a few pics.
    Would love to see what's going on.

    Dr. K
  6. Rich T

    Rich T
    Shrewsbury, MA

    Curious to hear how this worked out. Any update?
  7. 8.5 degree TS3 LH Even Flow XS, my crown bubbled up with a ridge to the left of the alignment marker today after a perfectly hit drive while playing Torrey South. Took driver bake to a Roger Dunn Golf shop and they are sending back to Titleist for a warranty replacement. I have it it high off the face in the past but never off the crown, no dummy marks. I can only assume a manufacturing defect caused this. I will be interested to see what Titleist says here. I have had the driver since November.
  8. Did you get your issue worked out? I ordered one last week, hit a dozen balls on the range with it and it developed the bubble/ridge. Going to return it this week but I am worried about it happening again. I wonder how common this is.
  9. Late on my update...I took my driver back to my local shop and they sent it back to Titleist, after about 10 days a new head arrived, super easy. Really pleased with Titleist Customer service!
  10. This has happened to mine as well but I’ve not got round to calling anyone about it yet as I don’t think it’s affected the performance of the driver.

    Should do really cus it doesn’t look right.

    Post Image
    Post Image
    Post Image
  11. Same thing happened to mine this morning, except I caught it befor EJ swung it on the range. Hozzle is separating from the shaft in one side, causing movement on the head. Going to bring it back to golf galaxy. Only have about 6 rounds woth it.
  12. I think the same thing happened to mine today. Was hitting balls on the range and noticed a much different sound. After inspecting further I found a subtle bubble/ridge to the right of the alignment marker. I will be calling Titleist tomorrow to see what they have to say.
  13. Oh dear this doesn't look good for the TS project.

    I'm even happier with my 917 now.
  14. Alex said:

    Oh dear this doesn't look good for the TS project.

    I'm even happier with my 917 now.

    I am seeing a lot of used TS drivers in the used rack at my local retailer. I have a 917 D2 and I’m happy with it, I will wait a while before changing.
  15. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Alex said:

    Oh dear this doesn't look good for the TS project.

    I'm even happier with my 917 now.

    I had the good fortune to get fit before the public, so I've had mine for just about a year. Starting with the shaft from my 917, it wasn't any better. After fitting I got one of those cards with 3 mph/13 yards more. Buying off the rack may well be a waste of money/overly disappointed. But wild horses couldn't pull the TS from my fingers at this point.
  16. Christopher V

    Christopher V
    Edmond, OK

    Just take it back to wherever you bought it or call Titleist. Getting a replacement head is an easy process in golf.

  17. Same thing happened to me yesterday. Took it back to my local shop and they stated this is the second one they sent back for warranty. They were awesome and gave me a head from their fitting center. Appears to be present with higher swing speeds.
  18. I have a TS2 and I'm pretty sure the face is cracked. The ball is doing some really strange stuff even on center face drives. I haven't cracked a driver in years, but I'm confident Titleist will make it right. They always have in the past.
  19. B.A.

    Los Gatos, CA

    Why are all the people that are posting this ones that only have 1 single post?

    Sounds fishy, doesn't it? And no further response from any of them?

    Is there a real issue? Are the clubs legit? If so, has Titleist looked into it?

  20. Allan


    Team Titleist Staff
    I'm assuming folks are finding this thread as a top search result on Google for "cracked titleist driver". New replies also bump it back to the top of the discussion board.

    Ultimately we try not to filter discussion that's beneficial to golfers and that's the case here. This thread has been a great resource for helping golfers who are experiencing a rare issue get the help they're ultimately looking for.
  21. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    Hell Allan.It seems to me like an inordinate amount of TS2 andTS3 drivers seem to be having quality control issues, as opposed to the TS1 and TS4 and the prior generation 917 series.

    Are there more QC issues with these drivers, or is it just me?
  22. Allan


    Team Titleist Staff
    I just appears that way because 90% of TS drivers we sell are TS2 or TS3. There is a very tiny percentage of issues it's just the overall volume of players.
  23. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    Good point. I meant to say "hello" not "hell" in my earlier post.
  24. Probably should ask this question in a email but I own a ts 2 driver used for about a year bought the new tsi2 from rodger Dunn it got stolen so I went back to using my ts2 and like my third round back to using it I got a hump on the crown just like you see in the picture from the first post. Titleist says they no longer have ts2 drivers available but I would have to pay for a upgrade how much would that be? Or if I showed proof of purchase of me buying the new tsi2 in the last year would titleist not make me pay for the upgrade. Thankyou
  25. I have a TS3 that I purchased in December and found this thread after noticing the same “Ridge” develop on my driver. Any insight into the root cause of this? Is it related to fatigue, impact location, materials, or something else?
  26. I have actually had this happen with three TS3 drivers. The first two Titleist replaced no problem and the third time just happened a couple of days ago so I am hoping for the same treatment once again.

    However, I would like to know why this happens. I do have a fast swing speed, but I can't imagine it's up to Justin Thomas's level or anything like that. Also I don't have any of the "dummy marks" referred to from hitting the top of the club face. I would have to think that if I'm going through them like I have then the tour players have to be as well.
  27. I was just at Golftown and asked for xstiff lowspin shaft to try with low spin heads. They chose the hurdles smoke for me with an epic flash head to start. I felt like I ripped the first few but got terrible numbers and ball speed. I after a dozen balls or so I was warmed up and went after it. The shaft snapped in half about 1/2 inch above the make specific insertion point. The h ad went flying into the screen! The guy working asked if I hit the ground. The I said no I hit it flush, it travelled 297. I was wired out and l ft shortly after not wanting to be blamed for the break.

    Ps- I found this thread when googling the shaft breaking. I joined to add to the thread.
  28. Same thing happened to me this week. Sounds identical with the bubbling. I didn’t crack the hosel. I bought it through my pro shop. What was the outcome. I only have had it for a month.
  29. i had the same thing happen to TS3 twice, as well as three broken evenflow t11000 white x-stiff shafts. Titleist sent a replacement shaft as it was the first thing to break, then same thing happened again teed of the 6th hole at my club and the head went flying off down the fairway. they sent another shaft the same then the began to bubble the sent a new head and about one month later the head bubbled again. at this point they said no more replacements they would give me a refund and be done with it. my local pro who i bought from convinced them to send me a TS4 head a week after it came out before giving me a refund. i played 1 stroke play round, two ambrose rounds(36 hole tournament) and 9 holes within 2 weeks. the head was amazing the thing was a rocket sadly the shaft broke a third time before i could get anymore time in with the head and Titlleist refunded my money and that was the end of that. its a shame as i have played nothing but titleist drivers since the 910 first came out at the TS3&4 were amazing drivers and i loved them in the bag
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