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By JReeter

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  1. And one have a clue about the marking on the sole? Bought from a friend who once played on the pro circuit, now called korn ferry, he told me he has only seen (3) other clubs with this marking, (2) Vokey wedges, and (1) driver, I paid less than one hundred dollars for it, no body counterfeits fairway woods. The serial number checked out with Titleist, no t in the serial number, something custom from the tour van? Photo attached

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  2. Fred L

    Fred L

    If not mistaken that would be as if he was on pro circuit that is why it is stamped Circle T. See a lot of pro's putters with that logo on their putters as well as their putter head covers. So club was probably a pro issue, IMO.
  3. The circle T is one of the many trademarks that Scotty Cameron has. All his "tour" putters are stamped with it. Not sure why a driver would have it stamped on the sole.
  4. Thanks for the input, it’s not stamped it’s as smooth as the sole of the club. My CT putter has it milled in the sole, and paint filled. This is pretty cool it almost like it’s laser etched .
  5. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    This is the Circle T logo like Kurt Said, its very common on Scotty Cameron Putters for "Tour Use Only" Ive never seen this marking on any clubs before. Not that Im a tour player or anything, i just like to look at equipment on that often includes on the rage equipment photos each week from the PGA tour. This could be a rare club, could be a counterfeit stamping.. who knows only way to know would be able to show it to and talk to a tour rep from the titleist truck. Pretty cool find!!

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