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By brian m

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  1. So I got fitted for the new t300 4 thru 53 degree with true temper red amt s300 shafts 4x wraps on the grips 1/2 long and 2 degrees upright ordered on October 15th so just wondering if anybody else ordered something similar and has gotten theirs and how long it took?

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    It all boils down to what components are available in Carlsbad and what is tied up in transit. You may have seen the news about the huge supply backlog at the Port of LA. It's creating problems everywhere. The fact that your heads and shafts are pretty common is a good indicator that they may have those here. Grips are also a problem so if you are hard-set on a specific grip, that could cause a delay. Hopefully all works out and you get your order by mid or late November, if not sooner.
  3. Hi, got my irons ( 4 - PW and GW) in about 3 weeks. Shafts are the tensei blue. G.P. 360 grips. Minus 1/2 " on the length. I was surprise how soon I got these clubs.
  4. Tim D

    Tim D
    kokomo, IN

    I was quoted 8 weeks delivery for very similar specs. I called this week to check in order and customer service indicated it would be longer than 8 weeks.
  5. That’s awesome! Would be super happy to get them that fast
  6. T300: Visited TPI Oceanside on October 4th. Great visit with the recap posted under FITTING.

    Could have placed the order with Joey S that day; chose to place locally through home club on OCT 8th.

    T300 irons, 6-W48, Zelos 7 shaft . Winn grips only deviation from standard = received the clubs in just over three weeks, 10/22. Fully anticipated a much longer lead time.

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