2021 T200 vs T300

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By Larry S

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  1. All the stats seems to point to the fact that the 2021 T300 irons give you (1) more distance and (2) more forgiveness. With the exception of the pro's, why would any experienced golfer choose the T200 over the T300. Is it because your bag expresses that you are a better player because you use the T200's or is there something about them that makes them a better club. I understand the top line is thinner and they possibly have a better look. It would seem more forgiveness and longer distance would overweigh the looks. Help me understand because I am considering both. I have been fitted and just the "numbers" show ball speed and distance off the T300's is better which one would expect. Why would anyone give up forgiveness and distance ?

  2. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    For me the more forgiving is the best choice all around, but some of my buddies are able to 'work' the ball and they say that they can't feel the contact as much with my clubs. If all you're concerned with is distance and forgiveness go with the T300.
  3. Ricky H

    Ricky H
    Garner, NC

    I just got fitted for T300's. I hit both the T200 and T300 but the T300 got the most distance, best spin rate, better
    descent angle, more forgiveness and felt the best for me. I also was fitted for the TSi2 driver, 3 wood and 5 wood! I recieved the woods last week but the irons are held up because of the availability of the shaft that I got. Hopefully they will be here soon!
  4. What shaft did you get?
  5. Aldila Senergy. Buts its really not about the shaft I got. My question is more in general with why would you choose the T200 over the T300 regardless of shaft. The T300 has more distance, more forgiveness and in most cases better ball speed coming off the club face regardless on what shaft is best for you. My assumption is, if you put the same shaft in both T200 and T300 (for the same golfer) you will get more distance, more forgiveness, better ball speed, better angle of attack etc. which is what you would expect the T300 to do based on stats. Why do some golfers then choose the T200 over the T300 ? There must be more to it than distance and forgiveness that I am not understanding.
  6. Ricky H

    Ricky H
    Garner, NC

    Sorry for the delayed response, I've been away for a while. I got the Nippon 950 GH. The shafts were backordered
    and not expected to come before February. I got an email yesterday saying my irons had shipped! I'm in North Caroilina so coming from California, they should be here by the end of the week!
  7. Keith M

    Keith M
    Acworth, GA

    I was fit into the T200 back in August, coming from 718 AP1. Now whether or not I ever receive them, that's anyone's guess.

    For what it's worth, I gained about 1.5 clubs in additional distance going to the T200s, so I have no complaints, at least by the Trackman numbers. For me the look at address is the biggest difference between the T200 and T300 which the latter is less appealing and what I'm used to. Also the interaction with the ground by the T200 was better for me.

    Again, I just I hope I get them eventually.
  8. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I have the first generation T200's. I hit all 3 models, 5 different shafts & different heads (2 degrees up & regular head) the numbers were better with the T200's than any of the other 2 models. Launch angle, decent angle, spin rate. I was fitted for the AMT Black S300, I was using XP 90 regular shaft in my 716 AP1's which I got fitted for when they came out.

    So I guess for me it's about the numbers & not the perception this club should go further & be more forgiving. the 300 also has more offset than the 200 does So I would say I prefer the profile as well.

  9. Wayne H

    Wayne H
    Bridgewater MA

    I was fitted at Acushnet for the T-300s and have played roughly 6 rounds with them so far. They are as advertised, very forgiving and long. Now I’m not good enough to work the ball by any means but they feel as good as the PXG 0211s I came out of.

    For me, I don’t see any reason to play a smaller, thinner, less forgiving club. Until I’m a scratch golfer, I’ll take all of the forgiveness and length I can get.
  10. Mitch B

    Mitch B
    Huntsville, Alabama

    The real question is why WOULDN’T any experienced golfer choose the T200 over the T300? T300 is no workability and is made for the player who needs help getting distance and getting the ball into the air. More experienced players typically have better ball striking and don’t need as much help getting the ball up.
  11. Benjamin D

    Benjamin D
    Rockwall, TX

    I think its a bit mis-leading when people say you can't work a game improvement iron like the T300s. Im a 6 handicap. I have the T300s and love them. Since making the ball turn is a matter of swing path and club face at impact you can definitely shape the ball regardless of the club.

    What that said... the T200's have more feel Because the 300s are so forgiving it's harder to tell when you mis-hit the ball thus having an impact on feel and ability to work the ball.
  12. Thanks for your reply. I also think it a bit misleading to say you can't work the ball with the T300. Truth is, you can't work the ball with the T200 or T100 either if you have a bad path and bad club face angle. I was fitted and the numbers were good with both the T200 and T300. However, ball speed, distance were best with the 300's. The deciding factor for me was on the miss hits which were a lot better. T300's ordered.
  13. I have the 2019 T200s with the AMT Black S300. I have hit the T100, T100s, and the T300. Every club had its pros and cons. I get the perfect combination of distance, feedback, and workability with the ball playing the T200. It just looks the best for me at address. Plenty of distance, but still the ability to work the ball both ways, and take a little off for awkward distances. Distance control was the deciding factor in my choice. I am 61 and currently playing to a 5.5. I rotate between the ProV1, ProV1x, and the AVX, depending on the green firmness of the course I am playing.

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