Legit Ap1's or Fake?

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  1. Just received a set of 714 AP1's 5-PW with N.S Pro 950GH Stiff Shafts. I bought them off eBay from a seller in Japan. This seller sells tons of used clubs and has good feedback.

    Seller link: www.ebay.ca/.../isoy-jp2015

    The clubs look authentic and nothing is off from what I can tell. If they are fake they were faked really well. They're not new and have been played. The only concerning part is there is no serial number on the 6 iron. I've read people saying that makes them fake and I've seen others giving possible reasons for it not being there.

    They have a sticker on the 7 iron shaft saying "Titleist "Certified Authentic" AP 036830". Which is something I do believe they do in Japan but at the same time is something that could very easily be faked.

    Have yet to hit them as I just got them tonight. Will take them out to the driving range this weekend.

    What are your opinions?

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