Sure-fit weights for 818H1 and 917F2 3w

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By Bskinner

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  1. Just got back into the game over the summer and am currently putting the finalizing my bag setup. I currently am carrying...

    TS3 Driver 3 818H1 Hybrids 19*-23*-27* T200 6i-GW 2 JetBlack SM8s 54F-58M png G2i Craz-E

    Recently dumped my 62M and am looking to add a 3w back into the back. I thought the 19* hybrid would be long enough to cover some of the gap between my Hybrids and the driver but it's comes up a bit short.

    I've been looking a few used options one of them is the 917F2 16.5* 3w. I know the TS3 has a different weight cartridge than the Hybrids but it looks like the 917F2 might use the same weights as the 818s, is that correct?

    I already bought the full weight kit for my Hybrids, so if i could also use them in my fairway, i think i would go with that option for the time being, rather than something newer.


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