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By Allan

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  1. Allan


    Team Titleist Staff

    Fun Fact: Over the past 12 months, TSi drivers have been the most played and winningest drivers on the PGA TOUR.

    It doesn’t stop there though. The majority of winners on the DP World Tour (formerly European Tour) and LPGA Tour have also had TSi drivers in their bags. Not to mention all the success at collegiate events, competitive am events, club championships, and weekend nassaus with golfers like you.

    To read all about the success of TSi across the worldwide tours, click here: 

    You can also check out the video below to watch some of the top golfers in the world share what they love about their TSi drivers.

    Have TSi in your bag? Join the pros and share why you love your TSi driver along with any memorable shots or moments it helped you achieve in 2021.

  2. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    its easy to say this is the best driver Titleist has made to date, but thats what I'm saying! The TSi3 has been a weapon in the bag. Consistent distance and reliable accuracy. Its no surprise the TSi line has had success on tour.
  3. Fred L

    Fred L

    Excellent Drivers. I am gaming the TSi3. Increased my Fairways hit and accuracy by 10% since I have been fitted for this driver. Driver has solid impact sound. My golfing buddies nicknamed me Fairway Fred!!! THANK YOU Titleist for all you do for us...
  4. Robert R

    Robert R
    Oviedo, FL

    Are You tracking that closely that You can say 10% on fw hit/accuracy(I think the same measurement)?
    Does not surprise me, TT players are reputed to be that specific towards improving game! Tight work Fairway Fred, keep on keepin' on........the short grass!!!
  5. Me too Fairway Freddy, tsi2 driver 3 and 18degree 5 wood,trying a 21ts2 hybrid in place of 4iron. Kinda love it. Guys always kiddy me about being boring shot down the middle. HA.....
  6. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Moving to the TSi2 has helped me regain a big chunk of the yardage father time had taken away. Along with gaining yards back my dispersion has improved, which was already pretty good with my TS2. Quite honestly, when the TSi models hit the marked I thought there was no way they would be that much better that the TS models. Well done Titleist!!
  7. MnmEvans

    Dallas, TX

    It’s great hearing success stories with Titleist products. It’s amazing what our R&D comes up with to help make Titleist products better. I had the pleasure of being out at TPI this week with my fellow Titleist Fitting Specialist and we had a sit down with the R&D team. The ingenuity of the team, product testing and relentless pursuit to make our products better is absolutely amazing.
    Congrats on your success and revitalizing your game!
  8. Jim V.

    Jim V.
    St. Marys, GA

    Great driver! Be sure to get fit!!! I have a driver swing speed in the high 80's and thought I would be fitted into a TSi1 or TSi2. Because of my steep angle of attack that generates excessive pin, I ended up with a TSi3 and couldn't be happier!!
  9. Michael R

    Michael R
    Sarasota, FL

    I play a 20 year old 975j driver and 975f 3-wood. Have re-shafted the driver several times. I like to play a smaller head, so the TSi4 is for me. One of these days I’ll buy one (used). Can’t afford a new one.
  10. I’m Old , over weight , short have been hitting a tsi2 with a regular flex shaft , always used stiff flex but now regular , have driver set at B-2 and it is a 10 degree head , usually hit a draw only get 220 yards . But for a log guy of 77 not bad .
  11. When I was not happy with my driver and went for a fitting for a cally Speed. It was pretty good...until the fitter suggested I try a Titleist. Wow! Twenty yards further and less dispersion. I settled on the TSi3. Best looking and best performing driver I have ever had! And at 70 years old, I've had a lot of 'em!
  12. A couple of years ago, I grew disenchanted with my Titleist 915 driver and switched to a TM M4, which I found much more agreeable...for a time. Well, I'm happy to say my pro talked me back into Titleist, the TSi2, and have (until the Northeast courses shut down recently) been finding more fairways with noticeably better distance. Best move I've made in a long time. Another winner from Titleist.
  13. Currently gaming a 2016 M2 and it’s the best driver ever played and I’ve been playing nearly 30 years. Forgiveness is amazing. Earlier this year I was custom fitted for a Hzdrus Smoke Yellow counterbalanced 5.5 shaft and most recently custom fit for an EvenFlow Riptide CB 6.0 shaft and gained 5 more yards.

    Looking forward to comparing it to either a TSi2 or 3 next year in a counterbalanced shaft and see which one outperforms my 2016 M2 !
  14. TSi4 is the best driver Titleist has ever made. Combined with the ProV1X left dash I rarely miss a fairway and also gained almost 20yds.
  15. The TSi3, for me, when paired with the LAGP Trono 65 I have in it is easily the straightest driver I’ve hit in a decade. Accuracy for me is far more important than distance. And the Tsi3 has flat out delivered. So much so that I’ve also put a Tsi3 fairway in the bag and have used both for the entire current season (seasons don’t really end for me as we play year round).
  16. nbk8p18

    winchester, CA

    I am gaming the TSi3 from TSi with 10.5* std. loft set at D4 with PX HZRDUS 6.0. Driver swing wt. D2. Love this driver. It seems easy to hit and it is at least 10-15 yds longer. Feel of the PROV1x off the face is amazing. Luv this driver.
  17. Steve S

    Steve S
    Tuckerton, NJ

    Put the TSi2 driver in my bag and used its the best driver I've ever used period! After my recent surgery I can't wait to use it again. So forgiving and I gained at least 10 yrds.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  18. John M

    John M
    Aiken, SC

    Father Time is undefeated and I, like many, have suffered the dreaded distance loss over the last few years. I’ve been gaming the TSi2 with the 40g Fujikura Speeder most of the year, but I’ve recently switched to the TSi1 with the 40g Aldila Ascent shaft. I’ve picked up significant yardage!!! If the TSi1 is good enough for Nelly, it’s good enough for me!!
  19. I made the switch away from cally after a demo try at my club. I have been playing cally drivers since day one of the Big Bertha but this TSi is just crazy good. My driving distance has greatly improved. I have turned a couple of members at my club in believing that Titleist TSi services is a great driver to have in your bag.
  20. Tommy W

    Tommy W
    Fairfax Station, VA

    Great driver; been playing TSi2 for about a month. Easy to hit, my drives are in the fairway and I’m getting distance as I was 20 years ago
  21. Was apprehensive to make the switch to the TSi 3 since I was hitting my previous big stick so well.. but as soon as I starting hitting it on the course I knew I made the right move. On top of adding the -Prov 1 I am loving the ball flight and ball speed I’m getting.
  22. I picked up a TSI 2 earlier this summer after a friend of mine purchased one and let me try it when we played a round together. I did some fairly extensive shaft trials and settled on the Tensei blue stiff flex and I have to say that I cannot remember ever finding fairways like I do with this combination. I find that can work the ball when needed but truly I think it’s the straightest driver I’ve ever owned.
  23. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Picked up the TSI3 10.0 set at 10.75* in my bag this year with positive results. Exceeded my expectations and beyond. My fitter added the Fujikura Speeder 661 TR S shaft before it came back. What a combination and game changer. Distance and accuracy off the charts for someone who is 75. Guys in my age group I play starting at age 65, can not come close to me. I also picked up the TSI2 15* and set it 16*5 with a Fujikura Speeder Motore S shaft. The TSIs are just off the charts and the real deal. The 917s were awesome and did I not change to the TS when I went for a fitting, the TS did not perform for me.
  24. Military
    I got the TSi3 driver when it came out, and since I have received it, my driving is a strength. For me the driver is point and shoot. I find it to be very forgiving and very long. I also love the classic shape of the TSi3, Titleist hit a home run with this driver.
  25. I changed to the TSi2 on the morning of day 2 of a 2 day tourney after falling out of love with my prior driver's distance. I only missed 1 fairway (and that was by a foot) and found that it has effortless distance. Absolutely love it and will be looking for the 3 wood to match very soon.
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