Thank You Team Titleist!

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By Ralph C

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  1. Ralph C
    Portland, ME

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    When I checked my mailbox on Thursday, I was surprised to find an envelope from the Acushnet Company containing a Team Titleist bag tag! I've pretty much been walking on air ever since! I really wanted to thank those who were so generous, and to express how truly humbled I am by the honor. Between my late Father and I, we've played Titleist since the very beginning if the company (my Dad caddied on Staten Island in the '30's when the Acushnet Golf Ball Demonstration Truck got him hooked), and that certainly isn't ever going to change! I'm really impressed with the folks I've met from Acushnet and here at Team Titleist. Many, if not most of you, are far better golfers than I. Some are lucky enough to work in the industry, either manufacturing, on the course, or at the club. So I find this to be a great responsibility, as well, and hope to continually improve my game to reflect positively on my Team. In other words, thank you so much for the best reason to skip work and hit the links, ever!

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    Congratulations! I love mine! Titleist definitely cares for their loyal fans well. Keep up the good work! I appreciate it!

  3. John Strachan

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    Congratulations, can’t wait until the day I am proud owner of one too
    Lafayette, LA

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    Congratulations! I love mine!

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