14 Way Cart Bag

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By Jeffery M

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    I’ve had this bag for less than a year and already is getting holes. Is the material too thin? Anyone else experience this problem? This was my 1st Titleist Bag and makes me skeptical about buying a new one.

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  2. Duane J
    Mount Vernon, OH

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    Sadly I have experienced this with my last 2 deluxe cart bags. I'm kind of embarrassed to have to use gorilla tape to keep the holes from growing. Call me stupid, but I love the bags. Will purchase a new one for the 3rd year in a row. Hope Titleist fixes the problem.
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    Hey jeffery. I have the same bag and it has a hole in the same spot. Besides that it’s such a great bag
  4. Darren B
    Stuart, VA

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    I had problems with my 14 wAy stand bag ripping around the zipper of the waterproof pocket. Titleist replaced mine. I’m hoping it doesn’t happen again.
  5. AYip

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    Besides the hole, how is the bag? I was planning on getting the 14 way, but am also considering the 5 way. Thanks.
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    AYip, I really like this bag, tons of storage for everything. Just sent it back to Titleist, cause it was still under warranty. Hopefully I will get a new one. I have midsize grips and no problem with getting my clubs out of the dividers. Looks like the 2018 bags have a better material and more reinforced around the strap area. I think it’s one of the best ones out there. Good luck.
  7. AYip

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    Thanks Jeffery!

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